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    Bernie Sanders Promotes 'Fine Ideas, But They're Unattainable' - Journalist

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    The day before, American Senator Bernie Sanders said in a tweet that he plans to run for US president in the 2020 election. Sputnik discussed the matter with Rob Taub, a journalist and columnist at Newsmax.

    Sputnik: How did Sanders evolve from being a democratic socialist, a protest candidate from the fringe, to become one of the 2020 election's frontrunners?

    Rob Taub: I think that Bernie Sanders is representative of the changes this country is experiencing as a whole. So it's not just [US President] Donald Trump representing some new type of politician. It's more of a reflection of the kind of society that we live in, which is one driven by television, popular culture and social media. Bernie Sanders, to me, is a candidate driven by a cult of personality.

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    He doesn't have any real policy; everything he spouts is kind of the antithesis of Donald Trump, and is extreme 'pie-in-the-sky' unrealistic policies. And he's kind of like you're crazy old grandfather, who you should respect because of his years spent on the planet; yet, when you listen to what he says, they sound like the wacky ramblings of somebody that doesn't have a clear understanding of the way the world or our country works.

    Sputnik: Sanders is known to have advanced progressive proposals, including expanding healthcare with his Medicare for All; pushing for higher education to be tuition-free; supporting the New Green Deal; and demanding to combat climate change. So how will his 2020 campaign reflect the political revolution he is carrying on?

    Rob Taub: What I find unfathomable right now in our country is, if you look at various Democratic paradigms that exist on a local, state or national level, most of the socialistic-type programmes they've tried to institute or when the government tries to run anything it fails. So to propose it nationwide, to me, is laughable. If you look at the New York City subway system..

    We have a progressive Governor and a progressive Mayor, Cuomo and de Blasio respectively, and the city is literally beginning to collapse: the roads are falling apart, the subway doesn't run effectively; and their answer for everything is more taxes and 'Charge more.' Yet, taxes have increased in New York City 3 billion dollars, this year; yet, services have declined. So I think ultimately people are going to see this and say, "Wait a minute. This all sounds great. But if you look at programmes across the country, where we're paying more money and the rich are being taxed more, we're getting less." And that's ultimately what's going to happen.

    Sputnik: The Senator stated his campaign will revolve around principles of social, racial, environmental and economic justice. But could he really achieve his goal and transform the United States, if he became America's next President?

    Rob Taub: He's promoting fine ideas, but they're unrealistic and, to me, unattainable. I think we should always strive for these things. We should always strive to be good. We should strive to take care of the people as a whole. But to believe that the government is capable of doing this, for all the people in our country, is ludicrous.

    It's just not possible. I'm not saying that we should treat people poorly, but to believe that we can is just an impossibility; and I think that Donald Trump is salivating at the idea of having Bernie Sanders as a candidate to run against, because he's got very little substance, and he makes promises as ludicrous as Trump's. He's very altruistic, yet, he will never tell you how he's going to achieve any of his goals — other than pretty much two blame and condemn the rich.

    And that's not an effective way to institute policy, unless he really wants to have a socialist government in the United States — which I don't think too many people want. The one thing I'll say for Bernie Sanders is I truly believe that he is sincere in what he wants, and that comes across to people, and that's a significant part of his popularity.

    The views and opinions expressed by the speaker do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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