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    As Theresa May holds talks with rival party leaders her own cabinet appear to be working against her. Corbyn continues to refuse to sit down to negotiate with May as it appears the clock is running out on any significant changes being made to her Brexit draft bill. Sputnik discussed it with Neil Hamilton, leader of UKIP Wales.

    Sputnik: With bipartisan support unlikely, and partisan support off the table will we see Theresa May move to Plan C?

    Neil Hamilton: Well you know plan B is Plan A, and so Plan C will be Plan A as well. The EU are not going to budge one jot on the deal that they've agreed with her because she's giving them everything anyway so there's nothing more for them to gain. And they're certainly not going to give anything away.

    They want to punish Britain for leaving the EU because they fear that if Brexit it is a success that others maybe even Ireland will decide that their future lays better outside the Brussels bureaucracy than inside it.

    Certainly, there are lots of Eastern European countries that are starting to have major populist movements and then there's Italy as well as Greece, even in France. We will see the European Parliament elections in three months to four months' time a significant increase in the number of parties that have almost the same kind of view as UKIP but in their own domestic political context, obviously.

    Sputnik: At this point in the process why is Theresa May continuing to hold these cross-party talks and if Theresa May isn't willing to offer anything to the leaders, why is she holding these negotiations?

    Neil Hamilton: Well, this is just part of the charade that we've been engaging in for the last couple of years. There's no prospect whatsoever of any agreement between Theresa May and the Labour Party because Labour Party are playing their own political party game at the minute, and Labour's policy is shrouded in obscurity anyway.

    Theresa May knows that she can't get any change. In her deal from the EU so I simply have no idea why she's continuing to bang her head against a brick wall. If she's got a headache it's extraordinary that she doesn't realize why.

    The only party of that matters as far as Theresa May's concerned as the DUP because without them she's got no majority. Labour and the Liberals are not going to agree to anything. Any sort of the deal is just ridiculous.

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    Sputnik: Jeremy Corbyn will not meet with Theresa May unless she guarantees that No Deal will not be implemented, can you see No Deal being taking from the table?

    Neil Hamilton: Well I mean 'No Deal' is what will get on the 29th of March if there isn't a deal because that's what we've already legislated for in the EU withdraw act which is on the static book says that if there's no deal by 29th March then Britain just leaves and that's it.

    Then we have the opportunity to enter into free trade deals with other parts of the world and indeed even with the EU should they be so inclined.

    I can't see that it's possible now anyway to get through legislation which could change that situation because you know we've only got 60 odd days left there just isn't time it will either happen or it won't.

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    Sputnik: In a world where No Deal was not a choice, would you rather May's deal or No Brexit at all?

    Neil Hamilton: But that isn't the choice I mean Brexit will happen on the 29th of March that is unless there is a deal. Brexit will take place on the basis of what's come to be known as 'No Deal'. It's a false choice that people are being presented with that you can't say no Brexit because that means repealing the EU withdrawal bill that would actually destroy the Conservative Party.

    So it's either Theresa May deal which has already been defeated by a colossal majority in the House of Commons or it's no deal that's the choice

    The views expressed in this article are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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