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    French President Emmanuel Macron inspects sniper squad as he attends a military exercise at the military camp of Suippes, near Reims, eastern France, Thursday, March 1, 2018

    Strategist: It Doesn't Seem Macron to Have Political Career After His Presidency

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    The wave of the so-called yellow vests protests started in France in mid-November. The rallies have been marked by violent clashes with police officers, who have used tear gas and rubber bullets against the protesters. Sputnik spoke about it to Mike Tokes, a Republican strategist and CEO YukoSocial.com.

    Sputnik: Macron's approval rating has dropped to a new low of 23%. He even faced a vote of no confidence. How do you see the future of his political career?

    Mike Tokes: He has already solidified his position of power in government and is unlikely to resign or cede power elsewhere, so I do believe he will finish out his term without hesitation. Given the citizens of France are incredible displeased with his performance, it does not seem he will have a future political career after his Presidency ends.

    Sputnik: Macron announces €100 rise in minimum wage after protests. It seems like the majority of the French won't be satisfied with what Macron has proposed. What steps should he take in order to regain trust?

    Mike Tokes: Macron has sold out his country and allowed its culture, customs and traditions to be diluted in order to appease the bureaucratic European Union, so it is understandable its citizens want to reclaim their sovereignty as a nation. Given his horrible past history and performance, it is unlikely he will regain "trust", although he may be able to mitigate resentment by appeasing protesters and caving to his citizens demands.

    Sputnik: The Yellow Vests are backed by several leaders of the main political parties and political movements: from the left and the centrist to the right. Even some pro-government political parties now support protesters. What is the reason for such changes? Which political party will benefit in the end?

    Mike Tokes: Macron's globalist ideologies and willingness to bow to the bureaucratic European Union is the reason he is facing national backlash and protest for his actions. France's citizens have been essentially stripped of their sovereignty and borders as Macron has allowed increased immigration from lower socio-economic countries, while he also has ignored the needs and suffering of his own citizens. They want a better quality of life, and under Macron is appears to have diminished quite substantially. Once leaders become significantly out of touch with their citizens needs, pushing their own perspectives instead of upholding its citizens, naturally this would cause a large portion of its citizens and political parties to begin to rebel. Its unclear who will benefit in the long term, but we hope it will be the French people themselves.

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    Sputnik: President Trump repeatedly spoke out on the protests in France. According to his Twitter post, one of the crowds was chanting: "We Want Trump!". What would happen if France had such president as Trump?

    Mike Tokes: It is undeniable France would benefit greatly from a nationalist President such as US President Donald J. Trump. He embodies the need for national borders, and unalienable rights that protect the citizens of the country rather then over-bearing bureaucratic international entities such as the EU or UN. If France had a "Trump" President, they would pull out of the EU, reclaim their sovereignty and enforce very strict immigration laws to ensure their culture, traditions and customs are protected from international subversion.

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    Sputnik: There are two ways of the outcome of this situation: it is either Macron would win or the protesters. What is your take on each result?

    Mike Tokes: It is highly unlikely the French protests would end in an overthrow of Macron's government, and it is also unlikely the French parliament would invoke Article 68 and remove Macron from power. So I do believe Macron will finish his term, regardless of protests and will likely give the protesters very little of which they asked. There will be no clear winners, but of course, we hope the citizens of France get what they have requested from the government.

    The views expressed in this article are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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