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    US Profits From Stifling Conservative Point of View - Political Analyst

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    Republican lawmakers have called for an investigation into Google following revelations about the tech giant's bias towards conservative media. Earlier, internal Google communications revealed that Google employees debated whether to conceal conservative media outlets in the company’s search function.

    Radio Sputnik discussed the issue with British political commentator, Marcus Godwyn.

    Sputnik: What do you make of the latest revelations about Google on the background of incessant accusations of Russian interference in others' affairs?

    Marcus Godwyn: Always accuse the other side of what you yourself are doing. It's absolutely clear that Google is a worldwide monopoly. There are alternatives, but they work less effectively. You know, dup-dup go is nice, but, the fact of the matter is, if you want to sort something noncontroversial quickly, Google works much better.

    So, we cannot escape this global monopoly, and they of course have their own particular bias. These two gentlemen: Paul Gosar and Josh Hawley, they are particularly worried about conservative, Republican views not turning up in Google searches. Are they worried about Russian points of view, Chinese points of view, Iranian points of view not turning up in Google Searches?

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    Personally, I don't know very much about these two gentlemen, so I'm not going to accuse them, but most American politicians are not at all worried about that. That side of Google's activity, I think, they would probably be more than prepared to turn a blind eye to.

    Sputnik: Well, I suppose it begs the wider question, Marcus, why doesn't have regulation over Google and some other huge tech companies. It's a huge question to answer and to regulate. What is the source of Google's bias to conservative media than in that basis, and who profits from stifling alternative points of view? Have you got a take on that?

    Marcus Godwyn: Well, obviously, the American and other western deep states profit from stifling other points of view. They do not want their populations and the populations worldwide, they are speaking to, to find out alternative points of view, alternative versions of history, recent history or ancient history.

    You know, we have all been brought up with the certain western agenda, with a certain western viewpoint and more and more there are major outlets in the world in major languages, like English, Spanish, Arabic, etc. countering this narrative from Russia, China, the Iranian news service, etc. The Iranian news service is already particularly heavily censored, as I can see.

    It's in Great Britain, for example, and most European countries, too. So, of course, they have their agenda. As to why they don't like Donald Trump, I'll put it this way: when you see it from the Russian point of view, Donald Trump doesn't seem very much different to the previous administration. He maintains Russian sanctions, we talked about having good relations with Russia, but this has not happened.

    He's just cancelled his meeting with Vladimir Putin, because of the staged event in the Kerch Strait. We cannot see much difference, but for them there clearly is a difference. There is other internecine or tribal war, going on within the American deep state and between those Americans in power, who support Donald Trump and those, who do not; some of whom are, of course, Republicans, because many Republicans are almost identical in their viewpoint and behavior to that of George Soros, the Clintons, etc.

    Sputnik: Now, Mark. How is it possible to contain Google's manipulations against opinions, they deem unfit for their platform and would an investigation, a deeper investigation into Google help more? I suppose, we know an answer to that. That's not gonna happen, even if these guys do get hold in front of congressional panels. There nothing seems to come out of it. It's just a general discussion and then it's forgotten a few months later. I mean, what's your opinion of that?

    Marcus Godwyn: Exactly, Jason. I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, it's not possible to contain Google. I mean, they are super powerful and the whole thing is very seductive.

    I mean, we've all been using Google most of our adult lives, since we became internet users. It's for people, who don't realize, they're being manipulated. It's quite a big jump and rather the scary jump to go from the world, where you believe that Google is just something that's helping you, to something that's actually manipulating you and hindering you from discovering things, which you actually need to discover for the benefit of yourself, for the future of your children and the future of humanity. I don't want to sound too overdramatic about it. It's really very difficult.

    All we can do is continually say: do not trust your Google search engine, use other formats, if you can communicate with other people, look at alternative media sources.

    Sputnik: We know that the Google CEO Sundar Pichai will appear before the congressional panel on Wednesday to testify on the digital giant's content filtering practices. How much lie could it spell on the extent of Google's malpractice? How possible is it to get the tech platform to be more transparent? What's your particular prognosis? What's your point of view on this?

    Marcus Godwyn: Well, again, I'm afraid, I'm not too optimistic. You know, I would like to believe that Google might change its habits and allow the internet to be impartial, what means, what it is supposed to be. These two senators seem fairly angry, because certain conservative viewpoints are being shaded out of Google search patterns.

    This is good. I don't want to use the word opposition, but what can you do? These political forces in the States and in the European Union do not want constructive dialogue and constructive normal cooperation with their neighbors.

    They want world domination. We have some fight now between different groups of people within the force that wants world domination and Google seems to be clearly on one side, which is clearly the George Soros, the Clinton.

    In America, we talk about the democrat side, etc. They seem to be anti-Trump to some extent.

    These senators are annoyed about that. So, they are making a fuss. It can't be bad, if he has to go there and testify under oath. Wait, but let's remember that the CEO of Facebook has also done so, and Facebook censorship continues ad infinitum, as far as I understand. Since it hasn't happened to me, I'm not going it down of my head, because I know plenty of people, to whom it has happened.

    They say: "I'm leaving Facebook", but they always come back. Even famous campaigners, writers, journalists, because Facebook remains the biggest forum, where you can contact the most people in the world and Google is the same. It's the biggest search engine in the world and for the time being, as we say in Britain: "they've got us by the short and curlies."

    The views and opinions expressed by the contributors do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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