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    French President Emmanuel Macron at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris

    Commentator Says 'It's too Late' for Macron to Recapture His Popularity

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    French workers set for a weekend of protest in opposition to President Emmanuel Macron’s economic reforms. The popularity of the French president has decreased. Sputnik asked political commentator Xavier Moreau if there is any way that Macron can turn his current woes around.

    Sputnik: Can Macron recapture his initial popularity?

    Xavier Moreau: In my opinion, it's too late because usually when you want to do some reforms, you do it in the first six months after you are elected. Vladimir Putin, for instance, did this with the pension reform in Russia, but Macron didn't do anything real.

    He's done very little significant reforms and now it's too late. Even for instance, regarding the SNCF if you look at what he did exactly, it will start working in three or four years, so it won't give any results before the next French presidential election.

    Macron is in a situation where he has no possibility to find a second wind and that's why he's going to talk more and more about the EU and French-German co-operation; all the tricks that usually the left use in France to try to persuade the French people that they are doing something.

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    Sputnik: Who will be his main challengers in the future?

    Xavier Moreau: I think that the National Front; in the next European elections in May will be the main challenger to En Marche. Even though they are not in the best situation, because of course after the poor debate of Marine Le Pen during the presidential campaign, many people don't believe any more in the National Front. However; it is a party that still has good support and structure throughout the country, so they will be the main opposition to Macron's party

    There are some others for instance; for example, the lovers of France party and maybe the ultra-left party, but this party is pro-immigration so it's not that popular at this time with the French people.

    The views expressed in this article are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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