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    UK Businessman on Brexit: We Are Not Good at Negotiating Like Europeans

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    Research has suggested that workers with fewer qualifications will be hit harder by Brexit, in the event of no deal. Sputnik spoke with Millionaire businessman Sir Benjamin Slade for more on the situation.

    Sputnik: Is a no deal Brexit inevitable?

    Sir Benjamin Slade: When you do deals in Europe or around the world, many of these things are taken to the brink. We are not good at negotiating like the Europeans and are not good at negotiating this situation and we’ve got an appalling team in there.

    They probably will do something at the last minute, but if we do go out with a no deal, we can trade with all these other places, make our own deals and run our own country.

    We need to run our own country. We want to get away from this legislation from Brussels, we can pick and choose our own MPs and if they make a mess we can fire them.

    It’s so important that we have the right to run our own country as badly as we want to. That’s what Gandhi said to the viceroy; we have the right to run our own country and the same thing happened with the Irish.

    We need our independence and there are a lot of other people out there; India, China, Canada, the US and Malaysia, we have to do deals with them and they are the places that are booming.

    We have a closed cartel in Europe, and I’ve had offices all over Europe, it’s a nightmare of rules and regulations and it’s getting worse, so we’re going to be in a very good position.

    Sputnik: How could the issue of the Northern Irish border be resolved?

    Sir Benjamin Slade: These politicians on both sides are just using these sorts of things to cause a disturbance. There are several things you can do; you could say if we got rid of the North of Ireland and said off you go that’s going to save us 18 billion a year.

    If they want to be part of the south, that’s fine, you could tell the North to actually join the south. What’ll happen is, the south is that 80% of their exports come to the UK; we could put up a trade barrier, charge them the 3 percent and we’d make a fortune and say to them why don’t you come back into our trading zone? Then we can trade all around the world, with everybody else. So that’s a possibility that they will both come together.

    The views expressed in this article are those of the speaker, and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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