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    In a closing speech at the Conservative Party Conference, UK Prime Minister Theresa May reiterated her strong opposition to the idea to hold a second Brexit referendum, arguing that it would a "politicians’ vote" rather than a "people’s vote." Sputnik discussed the speech with Jerry Hicks, a political commentator.

    Sputnik: So getting started, what do you make of Theresa May's Conservative Conference speech today?

    Jerry Hicks: Well from start to finish it was hilarious, scary and all of the things in between. To come on stage, flapping her arms around to Abba — Dancing Queen, when I think the more appropriate Abba choice of song would be ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme',  ‘Money Money Money'  or 'SOS'. On a serious note, I wonder if ABBA gave the Conservatives permission to use that song, in the past parties have got into deep waters on that one. 

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    The speech itself, apart from calling for unity in a party that's split from top to bottom, the speech really concentrated on slagging of Jeremy Corbyn in a vile way; suggesting that Jewish families need to be worried. I wonder and I hope that Corbyn and Labour attempt to get her to apologize or sue them for defamation. It's empty really of anything or any worth — just as the Tories are. Although she's smiling I'm sure that's the spin doctor's orders, she didn't cough and need any water and the backdrop didn't fall to pieces, but what did fall to pieces is the Tory party and, in particular, Theresa May.

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    Sputnik: Despite some terrible dancing from the Prime Minister, Theresa May used her speech as a platform to attack Corbyn and Russia with the bizarre statement that the Labour leader would ‘outsource' Britain's conscience to the Kremlin. What do you make of these bizarre comments?

    Jerry Hicks: It's ludicrous! But what really stopped me in my tracks is it's so dangerous! [What] if Corbyn was attacked on the streets or worse took a bullet from a lone wolf lunatic? The Tory politicians who mock it, one after another, minister after minister have berated and attacked Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition, who in himself is not just a very good politician in my view with very good policies; he's also a very humble and well-spirited person. It's ludicrous! In the midst of the Brexit disaster, whether you're for remain or leave, the whole thing is hideous.

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    Sputnik: On the subject Brexit, aside from petty attacks on Britain's opposition, Theresa May used her speech to stitch up and restore faith for her as leader of the conservative party by saying Britain isn't afraid to leave the EU with no deal if it has to. Are the Conservative the right party to deliver Brexit?

    Jerry Hicks: I think what Theresa May is trying to do is put off 40 MPs from putting off a vote no-confidence. She saw the Tory party conference had the average age of 76, I'm sure they were there chanting Boris's name and ‘Chuck Chequers', and they've berated the EU whilst trying to make a deal. I don't think for one second the Tories are the right party, whether it's Boris, Theresa or any of the other rabble. I don't think they are proper or appropriate to negotiate one way or the other.

    The views and opinions expressed by Jerry Hicks are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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