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    EU Parliament Member Thinks Europe Should Take Chance to Escape US Tutelage

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    BRUSSELS (Sputnik) - Europe should take advantage of the presidency of Donald Trump and free itself from the tutelage of the United States, EU parliament member from the French National Rally (RN) political party Bruno Gollnisch said in an interview with Sputnik.

    Internal Divisions in Europe

    The European Parliament will hold elections in late May 2019. But Europe is now divided into two camps – politicians who defend ethnic and cultural identity and those who "denies this identity and fights it under the pretext of universalism," Gollnisch stated.

    "There are those, and I am the one of them, who believe… that all nations in Western Europe have the right to preserve their identity… Majority of our movements speak out against the current evolution of the European Union, which initially was the organization for international cooperation, focused on the creation of single market and eliminating economic borders, but between countries with the same living standards and similar economic potential," he stressed.

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    Now "the European space" is open for competition to countries with different rules and regulations, and "the result is obvious," the politician added.

    The European Union should stop dealing with the matters over which it has no authority, for example, gay rights in Chechnya or women's rights in Mongolia. It also should stop negotiating free trade agreements with everyone, learning from Trump, Gollnisch pointed out.

    Escaping US Tutelage

    "I would say that we could save the European Union provided that we give up on the 'bulimia' of competencies, from the Union that wants to be engaged in everything. Provided that we, taking advantage of the presidency of Trump, free ourselves from the tutelage of the United States, and stop controlling all spheres and increasing bureaucratic restrictions on our economies," Gollnisch underlined.

    Otherwise, the European Union could face a major crisis with member states leaving the bloc.

    "For example, if Hungary, Poland and Italy will decide to withdraw from the European Union, this will create problems, and it is quite possible," the politician noted.

    Staying out of Syria

    Asked about Western strikes on Syria that took place in April last year and the possibility that they could do this again, Gollnisch stressed that Europe should "not get involved."

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    "Now there is no other solution but to keep [Syrian President] Bashar Assad. It is either Bashar or extremists. The majority of European Parliament members does not want to take political reality into account and say that there is a dictatorship [in Syria] which must be replaced by parliamentary democracy. But it does not exist in any of these countries [in the Middle East]," he said.

    Speaking about the September 17 crash of a Russian Il-20 plane near Syria, Gollnisch said he did not know the exact circumstances of the incident but criticized the Israeli strikes on Syria.

    "Israel has allowed itself to carry out strikes on the country, which has been suffering from civil war for seven years. This is a clear violation of international law," he underlined.

    EU Parliament Delegation's Visit to North Korea

    "As the head of the [European Parliament's] delegation for relations with the Korean Peninsula, I am going to Pyongyang with the EU parliament's delegation at the end of October," Gollnisch said.

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    The delegation's key message will focus on the need to reduce tensions in the region, continue peace talks and "stop playing with nuclear weapons," the politician added.

    The European Parliament members are expected to hold talks with North Korea's Supreme People's Assembly representatives, Gollnisch noted.

    The situation on the Korean Peninsula has significantly improved over the last few months, with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un pledging to give up his nuclear aspirations and having held three rounds of talks with South Korea’s Moon and a historic summit with Trump in Singapore in June.

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of Bruno Gollnisch and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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