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    'No Deal Brexit Clearly Won't be a Disaster as Corbyn Suggests' - Politician

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    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will meet EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier in Brussels today, in the wake of his party finally declaring their stance towards Brexit. Could a snap election be called if Theresa May’s final Brexit deal does not satisfy Labour? Sputnik spoke with Gavin Felton, Chair of the Democrats and Veterans Party for more.

    Sputnik: Would a no deal Brexit be as big a disaster as Jeremy Corbyn suggests?

    Gavin Felton: No clearly it isn't. A no deal is workable under WTO rules, everyone knows it and many countries use it throughout the world without any problems or any issues at all, it's just scare tactics by quite frankly the London upper class yuppies within the Labour Party and sadly Corbyn has buckled under the pressure of his MPs quite frankly.

    Sputnik: Would Labour have handled the Brexit negotiations any better than the Tories if they were in power?

    Gavin Felton: As a party we don't distinguish between Labour and the Tories. We believe that they are both practically the same, they may have different messages but they are controlled by the civil servants behind the scenes, so it would be handled exactly the same, exceedingly poorly and buckling to EU concessions.

    Sputnik: Would Labour have a chance of winning a snap election if it was called?

    Gavin Felton: Will Labour win? The answer is very simple, no. The Labour Party does not reflect the working class, they are now upper class yuppies and they are run by a London-centric party. That's who they are, just look at them, Emily Thornberry, she's not working class, she wouldn't know working class if she ever came upon it. You have to look at the details of these people, I live in Barnsley, she probably doesn't even know where Barnsley is. They haven't got a clue and the leave vote proved, that the Labour Party in particular are not in touch with their voters.

    When you consider Barnsley voted 68% to leave, Doncaster 69%, Rotherham, you can go through the midlands and the North East, the North West people voted overwhelmingly in Labour areas to leave and it's the labour party who are trying to keep us shackled to the undemocratic European Union.

    If they do get a general election, I think they are in for a shock because no matter what they promise with their magic money tree, people won't buy that they've lied to them. We've been campaigning since March as we've seen how things are going to go and are going and I can assure you now, that the Labour people and Labour voters are not impressed. They feel let down and deeply betrayed and quite rightly so.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article by Gavin Felton are solely those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect Sputnik’s position.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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