01:57 GMT20 April 2021
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    British authorities will most likely continue “charade” in the investigation of the alleged poisoning of Sergei Skripal without presenting any tangible evidence, the journalist claims.

    Commenting on recent developments in the Skripal affair, the editor-in-chief of the Fort Russ News website, Joaquin Flores, told Sputnik that London sought to use the matter to further ramp up the UK’s participation in the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria.

    "That is the nature of the timing of this, it is lawfare and diplomatic warfare, and economic sabotage, all to slow down Russia's help in liberating Idlib, and to push Russia to renegotiate or be held responsible for the problems existing in the implementation of the Minsk II agreement in the Normandy Four format," he explained.

    According to Flores, the UK will likely continue to "hold firm to their story" because "their position is based on allegations which are not available to public scrutiny."

    "UK media will say that because the two alleged agents are GRU agents, they are doing their job in playing innocent precisely to Russian 'state run' media, such as RT. They will say that there is no reason why customs would stop a man with lady's perfume. They will say also that the men have essentially confessed to having a background in chemistry, since they do athletic supplement sales and distribution. They may also know how to get illegal or problematic substances in and out of Russia, because this is typical in sub-legal and grey-market areas of athletic supplements markets," he said.

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    Flores also added that since the UK has failed to present any real evidence "of anything to date, at all, regarding anything," London would “continue along with their charade" in order to "pursue a cold war policy and further sanctions."

    "This will lead to a call for Russia to extradite the two men, if Russia doesn't, then they will say that this amounts to a confession on the part of Russia, because England – they will say – is a cleaner, more fair, and more transparent judiciary system than 'corrupt' Russia," he remarked. "If Russia does extradite them to the UK, then Russia will lose credibility among its international supporters and among citizen-voters at home. Either way, this will lead to more sanctions."

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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