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    British Government Minister, Michael Gove, has stated he was sure there would be a “solid vote” in parliament for Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit proposal. His comments follow alleged reports, that some 50 lawmakers are ready to oppose the prime minister’s post-Brexit vision with the European Union, and ultimately forced her from her job.

    Sputnik spoke to Godfrey Bloom, Former UKIP and Independent MEP for more insight on the issue.

    Sputnik: Michael Gove has said today he was sure there would be a “solid vote” in parliament for Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit proposal. Is this true? Is likely that her Chequers deal will past comfortably?

    Godfrey Bloom: The long and short of it is that the Chequers white paper is not leaving and it doesn’t meet the requirements of the leave campaign – which are quite simple. Leave means first of all have we got a completely free trade arrangement with the rest of the world, regardless of what we have with the European Union and the single market.

    Can we go out into the world and negotiate free trade agreements with the America or China or whomsoever we wish. The Chequers agreement doesn’t mean we can do that, we can’t do that because we are bound to EU regulation and European court of justice law. If they can get the Chequers white paper through parliament, it isn’t leave.

    Can they do it? I think they’ve got a sporting chance because most of the MPs in the chamber want to remain and so what they are doing if they vote with the Chequers white paper is remain. Will they vote remain, is the question, and the answer is very may well do so.

    Sputnik: Gove also stated that the PM was doing a great job as PM, both in the role and at the helm of the Brexit negotiations.  However a group of about 50 lawmakers in British Prime Minister Theresa May’s party who oppose her in an effort to force her from the job. Is she still safe from a motion of no-confidence do you think?

    Godfrey Bloom: We have to look at what we see and take an empirical on these matters. Firstly, she has a chancellor who is a staunch remainer who deeply believes in remain and always has done – that’s her chancellor who she appointed.

    She also appointed her advisor, Olly Robbins, who is a deeply spiritual remainer and Europhile; he was a member of the European Foundation so he’s a true believer — almost her entire cabinet are true believers.

    She has a remain civil service, and believe me I work alongside some of the Chatham House people for many years and I can assure you that can’t be promoted in the civil service, at least to one star grade, you cannot be promoted unless you are spiritually and deeply committed to federal Europe.

    So she is surrounded by people who are totally committed to remain. Your middle class bourgeoisie in London, are generally speaking pretty thick, will buy it but I don’t think the rest of the country will buy it. 

    Sputnik: Will all this in mind; is a no deal still the most likely option for Brexit?

    Godfrey Bloom: Well, I don’t accept a no deal – I don’t believe the WTO option is a no deal. It’s a different deal… s better deal.

    I want a no deal with the EU, I don’t want a deal with the EU, I want to do a deal with the world, and the world is the place to deal with. I want to deal with the world under WTO and then move forward as a platform with free trade deals with America, or China, or Australia, or India.

    The world is growing outside the European Union.

    The European Union, demographically and economically, is dying on its feet. I want to get away from that – I’m fed up of being bound to a dead corpse with hopes of steal. Let’s move on and get into the real world.

    Views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Godfrey Bloom and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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