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    EU Exploiting Theresa May's 'Weakness' in Brexit Deal Talks - Ex-Minister

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    Reports that Germany is willing to offer Theresa May a vague Brexit plan to avoid a no-deal scenario have set alarm bells ringing among anti-Brexit campaigners in the UK and prompted denials from German sources. Sputnik discussed the issue with Neil Hamilton, former Tory Government Minister and the current leader of the UKIP in Wales.

    Sputnik: There are concerns amongst some remain backers that chief EU Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, is prepared to make the UK an offer if it has the endorsement of Germany and France, on the basis that the majority of EU leaders fear the possibility of no-deal scenario. How significant is?

    Neil Hamilton: Well, I think in some ways we’ve got more to fear from this development than to be optimistic about. If Michel Barnier thinks the deal is alright, then it must almost be by definition a bad one for Britain. The problem with Theresa May’s negotiating stance has been that she’s operated on a basis of a pre-empted cringe throughout the whole episode. Instead of trying to do a negotiation like Donald Trump would do, she has been pessimistic always about Britain’s chances outside the EU, so I’m afraid the EU has sensed her weakness and they’ve exploited it at every turn and that’s what they’re doing now.

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    Sputnik: Last week, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair joined the pro-European activists seeking a second Brexit referendum. Blair tweeted that no one who voted in the 2016 referendum "wanted a poorer country" which now has to stockpile food and medicines.  Is this just another dose of project fear or serious grounds for concern?

    Neil Hamilton: Well, I’m delighted that Tony Blair is taking a high profile role in campaigning for a second a referendum, that if nothing else will ensure it doesn’t happen, he's as palatable as a rat sandwich to most people and as embarrassing to most people who he’s associated with. We don’t need a second referendum, the people have voted and in the propaganda document the government put out at the taxpayers’ expense before the last referendum, they said whatever the result and the government would implement it. Indeed, the likes of Tony Blair didn’t want the first referendum and have done everything they possibly can in the course of their lifetime to stop people having a voice on this issue and now that the people have had a voice, they’ve said we want to reverse gear and they don’t like it and have tried everything they can to try and stop the people’s will from being implemented.

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    Sputnik: With just over 8 months to go before Britain is expected to leave the EU, very little has been finalized.  Is Britain heading for a no deal Brexit?

    Neil Hamilton: Let’s be clear about this, the governments have made no preparations for a no deal and that’s the basic problem with negotiations, therefore, she’s not been able to threaten with a no deal outcome from the position of creditability and the UE knows that. That’s why Barnier has been the sort of Dr. No of the whole exercise at every single stage. I don’t think there will be a no deal, what I do think is that in effect we will have an ‘EU lite’ situation where Britain remains in the EU in all but name, but we lose what little voice we had or what little voice we have at the moment to influence the decisions that they take. We will be bound to take the rules the EU makes, the EU courts and judgments and those areas will take precedence over those of our courts. We won’t have any real control of our immigration policy; at the moment we have no idea what the government's practical proposals are on any of these things.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect Sputnik's position.

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