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    Czech Politician Explains Germany's Possible 'Mobilization of Foreign Soldiers'

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    The German Armed Forces has not ruled out whether it will recruit citizens of other countries of the European Union in the future, to resolve personnel shortage situation, according to the DPA news agency. Sputnik spoke with Czech politician Stanislav Mackovik, a former deputy of the Communist Party of the Czech Republic (KSCM).

    Sputnik: The Bundeswehr is considering taking foreign EU citizens  into its ranks. What do you think of this?

    Stanislav Mackovik: This situation shows what the Germans are capable of, when they are thinking about war. They think that there is a certain military threat to them, which is a sufficient reason for the mobilization of soldiers from abroad; however, they should search for this threat within their alliance.

    Intervention by the alliance in all conflicts occurring around the world is the basis of this crisis, including the migrant and moral crisis. Unfortunately, over 50 years NATO has not changed its outlook and it still wants a military confrontation with Russia.

    They need soldiers, that is, supplies, to carry out a kind of "crusade" to impose democratic ideals. The main idea is to bring democracy to where the people have their own opinion.

    Sputnik: Currently, Czech nurses are leaving the Czech Republic to work in Germany. Do you think that the Czech military can follow in their footsteps?

    Stanislav Mackovik: It can be said that this is a matter of what will be offered. If the service is highly paid and if there is a prospect of obtaining German citizenship, then there will be enough people opting for it. Many will convince themselves that additional money is worth it. In addition, the Bundeswehr is not conducting large-scale operations abroad, so many will succumb to illusions that this will always stay this way. However, statements of the press secretary tell us the opposite.

    Sputnik: Will the recruitment of foreigners in the Bundeswehr weaken the fighting capacity of the Czech Army?

    Stanislav Mackovik: I do not exclude that for a good fee and the promise of a German passport, we will have people who will wish to go. Our army has so many problems: there is a shortage of soldiers, we are technically behind – this is further aggravated by the loss of professional skills in the personnel. So, I don’t think that the withdrawal of some of our citizens to the Bundeswehr can make the situation much worse.

    Sputnik: Can the Czech Army also open doors for service to foreigners?

    Stanislav Mackovik: We are not in a position to adequately pay for the service of our own military. We easily let go of the most qualified people in our army. How can we attract people from abroad with such a worldview? What will we offer to them: helmets from the last century? Such a prospect does not motivate a Belgian or a Turk.

    It is possible that someone especially gifted in the EU will go ahead and offer migrants [a chance] to serve in the NATO troops. For example, for former members of the White Helmets or pro-American opposition in Syria, such a proposal would look tempting. They are close to the US and stupid ideas are quite easily lobbied in the EU. Now the language barrier they will resolve somehow, as NATO has huge experience in that department.

    The views and opinions expressed by Stanislav Mackovik are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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