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    This photo provided on Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018 by the Syrian Civil Defense White Helmets, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, shows Civil Defense workers inspecting a damages building after a bombing that targeted the office of Ajnad al-Koukaz, a militant group consisting of foreign fighters mostly from the Caucuses and Russia, in Idlib, Syria

    White Helmets 'Sooner or Later' Will be Used in Various War Contexts - Journo

    © AP Photo / Syrian Civil Defense White Helmets
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    Roberto Vivaldelli, an Italian journalist and an author of the book "Fake News. Manipulations and Media Propaganda, From War in Syria to Russiagate" has commented in an interview with Sputnik on the news that the UK government may boost aid to the group White Helemts.

    In your view, why is Theresa May supporting the White Helmets despite the controversial information's that exists about the group?

    The White Helmets are founded by James Le Mesurier, a British private security specialist, and former British military intelligence officer. The role of this former officer has been widely described by the independent journalist Vanessa Beeley. As the Telegraph notes, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the department of the United Kingdom responsible for promoting the interests of the country abroad, is the "main source of funding" of the NGO.

    This money is made through the "Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF)", a strategic fund used by the government abroad so secret that, last March, the former Conservative Defense Minister, Archie Hamilton, asked clarification of the current United Kingdom Secretary of State for Home Affairs, Amber Rudd, on how and where these contributions had been allocated — in the order of one billion pounds. Rudd explained that the names "had to remain secret in order not to create embarrassment" but admitted that those resources "make UK interests in unstable areas" and the money financing groups "like the White helmets in Syria, which do a great job".

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    Britain, like the United States, has excellent relations with Saudi Arabia: as we know, the Wahabite kingdom is a sworn enemy of the Syrian government. For this reason, a disinformation action, like the one carried out by the White Helmets, is absolutely necessary. And that's why Theresa May continues to finance the White Helmets.

    Can Theresa May actually approve any additional funding without government approval? Is it likely that she will receive support from other MP's?

    As The Guardian notes, Theresa May said: "We recognize the very important and valuable work that the White Helmets are doing. They are, as he says, doing this in horrendously difficult conditions. They are incredibly brave to be continuing that work. We do support them, we will continue to support them and… the international development secretary will be looking at the level of support in the future". I honestly do not know whether to increase the funds to be allocated to the White Helmets either in the powers of Theresa May or not. It seems to me that the Conservative Party is deployed in favor of the propaganda of Syrian rebels and then sided with the White Helmets, despite the organization's relations with the Islamist groups. I believe that the opposition should give battle on this point, to ward off a wrong choice.

    The group has been accused of providing the West with media coverage that could be used as a pretext for intervention, can an increase of support from London mean that the UK has a military objective in Syria?

    The Western powers, along with the Gulf countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, thought to overthrow Assad within a few months by supporting the Islamist insurrection and a bloody "proxy war". Thanks to the sacrifice of thousands of Syrian soldiers and the intervention of Iran and Russia, this did not happen. I believe that the Western powers have understood that they can no longer overthrow Assad and the aim of the regime change is completely blurred. They will try however to delegate the Syrian president through propaganda and false flag attacks such as the alleged chemical attack of last April 7th. Let us not forget that the military response of Britain, France and the US has violated international law and the charter of United Nations human rights. They acted without a shred of evidence and it is possible that they will do so in the future. But Assad will remain in power.

    The US has recently halted its funding of the organization, why do you think that is?

    Only 15 days before the State Department had confirmed the funding recognizing gratitude for the "great work that the White Helmets are doing for the US Government". So, I think The Trump administration moves through a contradictory and confusing strategy. Many expected the US president to take a more realistic approach, a real disengagement of the Middle East. It was not so.The decision on the White Helmets could be part of the tug of war between President Trump and the Deep State. On the one hand, Trump points to a decisive disengagement in Syria that has been repeatedly reiterated even recently; on the other, the neocons want to continue to destabilize the country. Even if the real goal, as we have seen in the last hours, remains Iran.

    Some experts have noted that even if the White Helmets cease to exist another organization will be created to take its place, what are your thoughts on that?

    White Helmets are revealed as a weapon of exceptional propaganda. I think we'll see them sooner or later in other war contexts. 

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.                              

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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