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    France flagged more than 78,000 people as extremist security threats in 2017 in the all- European system, which is more than Germany and the UK noted. One of the leaders of France’s anti-migrant movement, Christine Tasin, told Sputnik why France stands out.

    The latest report on the Schengen Information System (SIS) reveals that France with 78,619 entries in 2017 accounted for 60 percent of all entries in 2017. By comparison, the United Kingdom flagged nearly 17,000 people, while Germany registered about 4,000 threats.

    The database is monitored by the European Commission and its aim is to track information about individuals that could threaten national security, border control and law enforcement.

    The president of the French anti-Islamization movement Résistance Républicaine, Christine Tasin, told Sputnik that the huge gap was not due to differing legislation in the EU states.

    She doesn’t think that the criteria are very different across Europe, but still acknowledges such a possibility. According to Mrs. Tasin, if this were the case, it would show the inanity of the EU system, which wants to annihilate the differences between the people of Europe, their history and culture.

    “Our Penal Code, for example, was created by Napoleon, who took it largely from the Roman Emperor Justinian. We, the French people, do not have the tradition of habeas corpus of the English people. In short, the EU wants to marry things that are like chalk and cheese,” Tasin told Sputnik.

    Three Reasons For Thousands of Red Flags

    The significant increase in the number of “flagged extremists” in France she explains with three observations: there are more Muslims, more criminal Muslims and the Muslim Brotherhood has more influence in France than in any other EU state.

    “Although ethnic statistics are banned in France, the most likely estimation is 15 to 20 million Muslims, or a quarter of the French population. A former minister of President Chirac, Azouz Begag, said so already in 2014,” the activist stated.

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    According to her, up to 80 percent of prisoners in France are Muslims, citing a statistic from a letter by former Minister Jack Lang and the information about the number of halal meals served in prisons. She is also alarmed by the 20,000 persons on the French extremist watchlist, which is higher than in any other European country. The activist has warned of the growing Islamization, which may entail more terror on French soil. More than 250 civilians have been killed since 2015 in terror attacks by Islamists, which is more than in any other country in Europe.

    “France is subjected to massive Islamization, implemented by the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies, as recently demonstrated by an Israeli documentary titled "The silent jihad": the UOIF [Union of Islamic Organisations of France], which is the arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in France, with the complicity of various French governments, for the last 40 years, has been working to impose on Muslims the Islamic veil, halal, Ramadan, strict submission to Sharia law, refusal to shake the hands of women, anti-Semitic Koranic verses, whose effects are to push more and more young Muslims to succumb to the terrorist temptation,” Tasin said.

    However, she admits that beside the Muslims, the French services have also flagged as threats  “a small minority” of leftist activists and a “few French patriots persecuted by the French government for their opposition to Islam.”

    Misuse Doubted

    Tasin doubted that the French security services misuse the SIS (Schengen Information System) database, commenting on an accusation by German MP Andrej Hunko. She claims that the French police fill the database with only one purpose: “to fight the people who represent a danger to law abiding citizens."

    “Because of the vast number of Muslims living in France, the situation in my country is terrible and unique in Europe, and this explains why the numbers in France are the most important,” Tasin insists.

    Migration Policy To Blame

    Commenting on the increase of discreet checks from 70,000 in 2015 to 134,000 in 2017, she claimed, “It is obvious that in Europe and especially in France we are targeted under an unprecedented attack, with a daily increase of enemies within our own country.”

    She blames the “mass immigration invasion,” as “vast majority of illegal immigrants come from Muslim countries that are strictly applying Sharia law, and many of them are sent by ISIS [Daesh*] to carry out terrorist attacks on our soil,” according to Tasin.

    “The perpetrators of the numerous terrorist attacks in France are partly immigrants, and the others are Muslims who are attending mosques, Salafists or not, such as the Omar Mosque in Paris, where an undercover Israeli journalist was able to record calls for jihad spread by the imam,” Tasin told Sputnik.

    She also criticizes the government of Emmanuel Macron for his policy towards the Muslims.

    “Instead of fighting Islamization, mass immigration and the implantation of the Muslim Brotherhood in our country, it sides with them, by passing laws that favor Islam at the expense of other religions and atheists, laws that implement positive discrimination, laws that prohibit criticism of Islam with the support of leftist judges, despite the abolition of blasphemy since the French Revolution of 1789,” Tasin elaborates.

    She also points out that Macron isn’t the only one, who has such stance on Islam. According to Tasin, the UK’s Theresa May and Germany’s Angela Merkel do everything to Islamize their countries.

    “The consequences are terrible, the number of Muslims on the extremist watchlist will inevitably increase exponentially, and the Muslim terrorist attacks [will] too,” she concludes.

    *Daesh, also known as ISIL/ISIS/IS, is a terrorist group banned in Russia and many other countries.

    The views and opinions expressed by the expert do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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