21:10 GMT07 April 2020
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    It seems that speculation about the fate of Adolf Hitler will never wrap up, especially now that shocking new details have been revealed.

    A recently declassified spate of CIA documents indirectly confirm that the Nazi leader could have survived WWII and escaped to Colombia in 1954. Speaking to Sputnik, Abel Basti, author of numerous books on Hitler's possible presence in South America, gave his thoughts on whether the document could be authentic.

    He said that "the new fact related to all this is that the United States has placed these documents on the Internet." According to him, Hitler's Colombian travels took place through 1954, which he said coincides with the evidence of his return to Bariloche in Argentina in 1955.

    "He left Argentina, crossed the territory of Peru and only then came to Colombia," according to Basti.

    • A recently declassified CIA document on Hitler
      A recently declassified CIA document on Hitler
      © CC0
    • A recently declassified CIA document on Hitler
      A recently declassified CIA document on Hitler
      © CC0
    • A recently declassified CIA document on Hitler
      A recently declassified CIA document on Hitler
      © CC0
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    © CC0
    A recently declassified CIA document on Hitler

    "If we look at the world's political map at the time, we can see that in 1954, military dictatorships were in place in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. Back then, the world's ultra-right forces established regimes loyal to Nazi ideology so the Nazis could move across Latin America with impunity," he said.

    Suggesting that Hitler could be in Colombia under the name of Adolf Schrittelmayor, Basti said that he "does not doubt" the authenticity of the photo which shows former SS trooper Phillip Citroen posing with a man who looks like Hitler.

    The photo, made in the Colombian town of Tonga, dates back to 1954.

    When asked why Hitler did not suffer the same fate as Adolf Eichmann, who was responsible for the death of millions of Jews in concentration camps and who was sentenced to death in 1960 after fleeing to Argentina, Basti said that "there were certain deals and collusion on the part of both political and financial players."

    "We are familiar only with the most superficial part of history, which is of interest to the world's lobby. In fact, all the secret services in the world are in the know about Hitler's escape, something that is proven by the declassified archives. But what they did not show us is the agreements and complicity of these groups of influence," he added.

    According to him, the German secret services "working together with Israeli counterparts" knew not only about Eichmann's whereabouts, but also his fake name. "However, before 1960 no political decision was taken to detain Eichmann," Basti said.

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    When asked what he thinks about the official theory that Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker on April 30 amid the swift advance of Red Army troops on the German capital, Basti remained downbeat about this.

    He said that "if you strictly adhere to the official historical theory, you will know that after WWII Germany did not recognize Hitler as deceased."

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    "For lack of body or relevant evidence, Hitler was believed to be formally alive for at least 10 years after escaping from Germany.  The statement about the death of the Fuhrer, made by Germany in 1955, is in fact a presumption of his death rather than fact," according to Basti. 

    "We have heaps of declassified documents from the FBI and the CIA which prove that after the war, Hitler was in South America. For example, in 1952 then-US President Eisenhower stated that there is no evidence that Hitler died in the Berlin bunker," Basti concluded.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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