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    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (R) welcomes US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson before a meeting in Moscow on April 12, 2017

    US Obsession With Global Empire Remains Key Obstacle to Friendship With Russia

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    Analysts claim that despite Russian President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to open a new era of dialogue and cooperation with the United States, the real obstacle remains the obsession of US policymakers with maintaining their global empire.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Despite Russian President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to open a new era of dialogue and cooperation with the United States, the real obstacle remains the obsession of US policymakers with maintaining their global empire, analysts told Sputnik.

    "I am not so optimistic as President Putin about positive relations between the United States and Russia," retired professor and political commentator John Walsh said on Thursday. "On individual issues like climate change, there is some limited possibility of cooperation."

    However, the great obstacle was that the United States remained an empire, the last of the European empires that have dominated the world for the last 500 years, Walsh commented.

    "The United States makes no secret that it wishes global hegemony and will continue to use every instrument at its disposal to achieve it. That remains the reigning view in US imperial ruling circles. And that view is incompatible with the sovereignty of other great powers like Russia," he noted.

    The obsession with maintaining US hegemonic dominance drove the underlying hostility to other major nations determined to preserve their own sovereignty such as China and Iran, Walsh warned.

    "So the United States will try to break up, bring down or install puppet regimes in countries like Russia, China and Iran. That is clear and obvious," he explained.

    There were an increasing number of Americans who questioned the view the United States has to maintain global hegemony with countries like Russia and China playing subservient roles, including some in the ruling elite, Walsh maintained.

    However, "The quest for world hegemony is the dominant view. When a major political figure comes along who even partially questions this reigning view comes along, like President [Donald] Trump with his simple desire to ‘get along with Russia,’ all hell breaks loose," Walsh said.

    All the US media and political establishment hatred of Trump and determination to delegitimize him was motivated by a drive to prevent his efforts to establish good relations with Russia, Walsh stated.

    "We see the daily, hysterical assault on Trump in all the major media and it is all focused on getting along with Russia. This is Trump's mortal sin and he will not be forgiven for that," he added.

    University of Pittsburgh Professor of International Relations Professor Michael Brenner agreed that President Putin was sincere in his efforts to improve US-Russian relations.

    "Putin has made this case on several occasions with a candor and elaboration that is unprecedented. Official Washington and the American political class generally have paid him and his proposals no attention. The problem is here — not there," Brenner said.

    Brenner shared Walsh’s pessimism that the enemies of restoring good relations would prevent any serious progress.

    "At this point, so powerful are the interests that want and need a confrontation with Russia, so lobotomized is the foreign affairs community, so skewed is the politics that nothing will change," he stated.

    Putin said in his press conference earlier on Thursday that Russia and the United States had many issues for potential cooperation.


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