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    James Clapper, former director of US National Intelligence, recently claimed that Russians were “genetically driven” to manipulate and interfere in the affairs of other nations, echoing the Weltanschauung of a bygone dictator who harboured similar views on those “inferior Asiatic” genes.

    By Mathew Maavak, a geopolitical observer and writer residing in Malaysia

    One would be forgiven for momentarily assuming that Clapper was referring to his own nation. The United States has been warring for 93% of its miserable existence, entailing 222 out of 239 years of bloodshed between its founding in 1776 and 2015. No US president has ever led a continuous peacetime administration. 

    Using Clapper’s logic, are Americans genetically prone to unremitting warfare and genocide? The US, according to American Holocaust author D.E. Stannard, was founded on the genocide of more than 100 million natives. Such genocidal energies continue via US proxies today in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Ukraine. But few Americans consider this reality, predisposed as they are to congenital amnesia and a pathological urge to create new bogeymen for new wars.

    Yet the past continues to haunt the US. When Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump locked horns over the US presidency last year, the continued robbery of Native American rights and lands were largely ignored by both camps. There is a reason why Americans wax lyrical about the constitution and the sanctity of property rights; it was never theirs to begin with! Original owners can be conveniently treated as terrorists in case they bring up past treaties, title deeds and promises that are supposedly enshrined by Uncle Samael’s hallowed constitution.  

    This brings the American predisposition towards hypocrisy into focus. While native rights are routinely denied at home, the US wants Crimea returned to the Mafiosi state of Ukraine against the democratically-exercised will of Crimeans! In the same fetid breath, Washington wants full international recognition for jihadi enclaves like Kosovo in Europe.

    How does one explain such paradoxes? Are Americans genetically prone to “lick the boot that kicks them” as the philosopher Eric Hoffer once noted? Does this explain shameless US prostrations before Saudi Arabia, year after year, even as the latter continues to fund global jihad against Western interests? What breed rewards a nation that was officially identified as the primary state actor behind the 9/11 terror attacks? What breed of taxpayers subsidize more than $300 billion per annum for the security of their future murderers? One cannot blame Gulf Arabs if they are tempted to regard US troops as their personal K9 unit who will bark and bite whenever Pavlovian triggers like Iran, Assad or Hezbollah are uttered.

    There may however be a deeper genetic law at work here. According to mathematician cum historian Dr Bill Warner, Western impotence towards the jihadi spectre can be partly explained by genetic consanguinity. It is a little-known historical fact that the West was selling its women and children to Arab harems, through Venetian and Jewish middlemen, till the Maritime Revolution 500 years ago. This slave trade continued under the Ottoman Turks. As a result, Westerners may retain vestigial Freudian angst over their distant Arab cousins. When US president Donald Trump agreed to sell weapons worth $110 billion to Saudi Arabia recently, he was subconsciously reliving an ancient, self-destructive meme with its accompanying disregard towards women and children on the brunt end of immigrant sexual assaults.

    It is fatal to admire the silhouette of the US soldier sans the penumbra of the Wahhabi cleric and the Daesh suicide bomber. They share fundamental passions and similarly crude matrices of power. There are no equals in their respective worlds; just master-slave dynamics!

    Slave trading, in fact, remains extant in the Gulf Arab world, Daesh bazaars and online auctions. In a similar vein, the US majority continues to genetically stigmatize blacks who built the foundations of American industry at a very low cost. The US never overcame its addiction to slave labour. The outsourcing of US industries is continuation of this meme, widening income disparity between the rich and the rest. The American worker has lost his worth; the graduate is a lifelong serf; and the veteran is a costly nuisance except as an electoral prop in a macabre pantomime.

    Perhaps, most Americans are just genetically regressive due to the neuroplastic rewiring of their synapses? Bright young Americans today generally have foreign parents who subtly wield a cultural shield over their natural-born citizen offspring. Children are coaxed to marry within their communities for good reasons. The ethnic composition of USA’s prize-winning International Math Olympiad team encapsulates this emerging reality. Asian Indians outperform American whites in terms of salary and education and this chasm will only get wider unless Trump settles for mediocre losers under his Make America Great Again initiative.  

    In terms of genetics, there is also a lack of intellectual success stories among the offspring of American mothers (of the James Clapper kind) and “fully-integrated” Asian or Jewish fathers. There are no Anish Giri-like contemporaries in America or anywhere else in the US-dominated Anglo-Saxon world. A more illustrious example in this regard would be Alexander Pushkin, founder of modern Russian literature and descendent of an Abyssinian slave who was emancipated and ennobled by Peter the Great.  This is a very un-American story as the US prefers its Barrack Obama-type marionettes and a desideratum of politically-correct afterthoughts.

    Ivanka Trump, who can elevate chattels into icons of progress for $100 million and who almost sparked WWIII after a histrionic tantrum based on lies, represents the spectre of genetic regression stalking minority high-achievers in the US.

    Were the above observations racist? Perhaps it is time to concede that Clapper was nevertheless correct about certain Russians who interfere in areas where they are not wanted, and who manipulate such interference for personal profit. Remember the sensation called Pussy Riot?  The trio’s genetic mismatch with fellow Russians was eventually redressed in a new environment, in that crapper of humanity called the United States!

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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