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    Trump’s Turn to Kissinger Welcomed by Advocates of US-Russia Friendship

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    Donald Trump’s selection of former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the architect of 1970s detente, as his adviser confirms the president-elect’s determination to launch a new era of friendship and cooperation with Russia, analysts told Sputnik.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — "This is more good news for those hoping for the restoration if sanity in Russian-American relations," University of Rhode Island Professor of Comparative and International Politics Nicolai Petro said on Wednesday.

    Kissinger, now 93, defused decades of potentially war-threatening confrontation between Washington and Moscow at the height of the Cold War, and remains a figure of enormous influence in the United States, Petro pointed out.

    "Kissinger is a legendary figure, so his support for Trump’s foreign policy and for Rex Tillerson to be his secretary of state is quite important," Petro said.

    Kissinger, even at his advanced age, was not an isolated figure, but worked closely with other powerful and influential Americans who wanted to restore good diplomatic, strategic and business ties with Russia, Petro added.

    "It is worth noting that he works with a group of people, most notable among them, from the perspective of Russia policy, is Tom Graham," he stated.

    University of Copenhagen History Professor Matthew Dal Santo also welcomed the reports that Trump had selected Kissinger as his personal adviser on relations with Russia.

    "If true, reports that Kissinger may serve as adviser to Trump on Russia are welcome news. Kissinger has long been an advocate of taking Russia seriously. In many ways he foresaw the breakdown in relations between Russia and the West more than 15 years ago," Dal Santo said.

    Kissinger had warned in vain of the long-term consequences of NATO expansion to the east and about US indifference to Russian concerns about NATO operations in Yugoslavia, Dal Santo recalled.

    "Had his advice been heeded then there may never have been a crisis now to resolve," he argued.

    Trump had acted shrewdly in selecting Kissinger as his key adviser and backroom strategist in dealing with Moscow, Dal Santo suggested.

    "As a realist with respect for history and a good relationship with President Putin, Kissinger is uniquely placed to put relations with Russia on a rational footing based on interests, not ideology," he said.

    Kissinger, like Trump was a pragmatic negotiator who put national interests ahead of abstract values in conducting international relations, Dal Santo concluded.

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