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    General view of a former US naval air base and hospital in Keflavik, Iceland (File)

    US Military Base Puts Nail in the Coffin of Iceland's Neutrality

    © AFP 2019 / Thorvaldur Orn Kristmundsson
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    Instead of maintaining political neutrality, Iceland chose to become a “vassal of NATO” by once again hosting a US military base.

    Citing a need to contain the "Russian aggression," the US military made a move to restore its Keflavik airbase in Iceland. But instead of recognizing the true intentions of the US and of the other NATO member nations, Iceland decided to "score points" with Washington, German media outlet Bürgerstimme remarks.

    According to the article's author, Joachim Sondern, the Western world has no prospects, unlike BRICS, and more and more people are beginning to understand that.

    "Independent national currencies, development banks, ban on genetically modified foods – Russian President Vladimir Putin is thinking outside the box. This is why NATO countries fear that their world power construct will collapse when BRICS penetrates the awareness of the Western citizens," Sondern declares.

    In a sense, Iceland has never been truly free, according to Sondern. During World War II the Keflavik airbase was an important strategic facility to the US military. Then the Iceland actively cooperated with NATO during the Cold War, but later the country ceased to be attractive to the US military which eventually pulled out in 2006. But now the US has "donated" $21.4 million for renovating the Keflavik military base.

    And while no one was expecting Iceland to support Russia's agenda, the country should have at least maintained neutrality, claims Sondern.

    "Iceland is a NATO vassal? Unfortunately, yes – good night, Iceland!" the author concludes.

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