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    President Vladimir Putin attends Russian Popular Front's media forum, Truth and Justice

    They’re With Her: US Media Uses Putin, Russia to Label Trump a Traitor

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    Democrats use media to disperse anti-Russian propaganda in a bid to bloody Trump’s campaign with far-fetched suggestions including that the billionaire real estate tycoon is conspiring with Putin to invade his wife’s hometown.

    For those in the United States who ran a simple search of Donald Trump’s name a day after the Republican Convention expecting to see a critical response from the mainstream punditry they were in for a stunning propagandistic treat when they hit the enter button with 12 of the top 14 articles featuring titles in the vein of "Trump proves he is Putin’s lapdog." 

    In the wake of WikiLeaks exposing the DNC’s conspiracy with corporate media outlets to bludgeon the good name of Bernie Sanders on the base of his ethnicity and religion while floating stories of discord in his campaign and violence among his followers – all of which lacked truth or merit – it appears that the spoon-fed narrative from the Clinton camp is to use headlines that would make even Pravda in the heydays of the Cold War blush. 

    The Washington Post asserted that "there is some fishy connection between the Trump team and Russian President Vladimir Putin" before comparing him to far-left scion Noam Chomsky in a bid to effectively red-bait a candidate whose slogan is "America First" for not wanting to risk war with a people who have long abandoned Communism in a cynical bid to prey upon voters’ ignorance of foreign affairs.

    The Atlantic would not be outdone leading with an article entitled "It’s Official: Hillary Clinton is Running Against Vladimir Putin" which argues that "Trump’s sympathy for Putin has not been a secret" and arguing that his campaign manager Paul Manafort "was for many years on the payroll of the Putin-backed former president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych" before saying in the ultimate dog-whistle "I am not suggesting that Donald Trump is employed by Putin."

    "Just how far do Trump’s ties to Putin Go?" asks MSNBC’s Steve Benen in an article that suggests the Republican nominee is a Kremlin-planted Manchurian candidate opening with Trump saying "I have no comment on that, no comment" to a reporter’s question about whether he speaks directly with Vladimir Putin.

    CNN Contributor and New Yorker Magazine correspondent Ryan Lizza got in the act saying in a widely retweeted Twitter post that he "just talked to [a] GOP congressman who said [the] most under-covered story of [the] convention is how Trump aides changed GOP platform to be more pro-Putin."

    ​The online media outlet Slate refused to be outdone opening with the headline "The Real Winner of the RNC: Vladimir Putin” followed by a lead line that “The Trump campaign continues its terrifying effort to cozy up to the Kremlin." While calling Trump "grossly incompetent" – a phrase that would have landed Trump’s general election opponent Hillary Clinton in prison if only FBI Director James Comey had uttered it – the article says that Trump has "been highly effective in moving the Republican Party towards Vladimir Putin."

    Putin must feel like Trump fancies himself several years into his administration because he appears to "win so much, he is getting tired of winning" after being called the "big winner" of Britain’s Brexit vote, the champion of the Republican National Convention, and the victor of the failed coup attempt in Turkey – every major story in the past month somehow contorts into a "Christmas in the Kremlin" narrative.

    The Daily Beast wears the crown for salacious ant-Russian propaganda in the wake of the Republican National Convention proposing in their headline that “Donald Trump invites Putin to invade Melania’s hometown” because he demands that America’s NATO partners pay their fair share if they want the US to back them up in conflict. 

    The NY Daily News says that Trump enables Putin, CNBC suggests that Trump’s tone on Moscow will change as he matures, the Wall Street Journal suggests that the candidate’s posture towards Russia is akin to a confused teenager, Bloomberg longs for a time when Republicans used to "stand up to Putin," Yahoo believes that Trump has made Putin "a very happy man," and perhaps most comically the New York Times wonders whether "Trump is obsessed with Putin and Russia."

    But it was Newsweek who cut straight to the point asking "Does Donald Trump have a subversive partnership with Vladimir Putin’s propaganda machine?" with a video attached to the article of former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, a person whose praise Trump has repeatedly disavowed, declaring his candidacy for the US Senate and undying devotion for the Republican nominee.

    How such a startlingly biased communication can be published without a requirement that Newsweek file a report with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for electioneering activity on behalf of the Hillary for America campaign boggles the mind in the dystopic world where accusing somebody of treason and being in league with the KKK without evidence passes for reporting.

    What is their evidence for telling the American people that Trump is a traitor? His foreign policy advisor, General Michael Flynn who correctly predicted the rise of Daesh as the head of US Defense Intelligence, appeared on RT to discuss international affairs and the war against terrorism while two of Trump’s staffers had lobbied for Russian-owned entities in years past. That’s all.

    ​Will this perverse strategy of using anti-Russian propaganda to bloody Trump’s campaign appear in the next round of DNC leaks by Guccifer 2.0 published by WikiLeaks? A definite possibility.


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      ptcjmin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, specially when the ethical quality of journalism simply is gone with the wind.
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      michaelin reply toptcjm(Show commentHide comment)
      ptcjm, I think that in many ways ethics in journalism is a totally alien concept. Journalists for the most part simply cannot get their heads around it. Thanks! :)
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      Perhaps, not ALL will be solved with TRUMP. because honestly, most problems U.S faces will take decades to solve.
      But he could bring a BIT of prosperity if he likes. Help a bit with income equality.
      PENSIONERS got no RAISES for 4 years or more. But all else went up.

      Just drive around New York City, New jersey, Connecticut, they ALL have something in common. They beginning to resemble DETROIT.
      Small businesses are dissapearing, You see many , MANY closed up stores. CLOSED, with "FOR RENT"...
      I saw videos with half a CITY BLOCK... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_block....

      From OBAMA PROPAGANDA .. This is edited by teh library of congress. And AMERICANIZED. ALL content...

      BUT to understand CITY BLOCK..
      I seen half closed. ALARMING.

      I joined an economists seminar.. They were well...I always get in troubles.
      I created a controversy when I said...It is the result of KENYANOMICS..
      In 2008, many governors etc, raised their pay 20%!!! When they discover the truth of the RIGGED COLA.
      Now who usually goes to small business.
      YES presidents as "PROPAGANDA"...
      BUT who usually do? The pensioners.The small GROCERY STORES, or BODEGA'S, are small. MANY TINY.. That you must make way to others fit.
      They dissapearing..
      The BIG supermarket chains. ONE ..PATH MARK,, went belly up.
      RADIO SHACK, and electronics big store chain, belly up. and so on.
      MANY blame the internet. In truth, most wise up and match internet prices.

      And even go cheaper.

      Perhaps he do something for veterans, other than give to the PUBLIC SERVANTS ASSOCIATION, as all do...and give 20% raise to veterans.

      All is the same BULL HORN of med care..
      EVERY year is the same rhetoric..He should drop that...
      Vets get the cheapest medicines and treatments. And surgeries from the 40's, to train students..
      So if is about giving money to vets association..FORGET IT.. And to those organizations, VET hospitals give all the equipment they need. FREE.
      ALL teh cash will go to make better offices for staff.Parties. VET get NOTHING...
      GYM...Go check. VETS use them 1 week. IF they go to talk to a dietician, they get 2 weeks.
      Because STAFF uses it as a UNION'S GYM. With vets cash,.

      I could keep growing the list of things. I hear some and they tell me all.
      To make believe all vets are taken care in order and fast, they placed on lists that claim they done, while they waiting.

      So give the cash to VETS POCKETS... I'll would had give 20% retroactive 8 years... And 5% first year,,, That will grease pockets and people get purchasing power..
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      I think even the US public knows what a bunch of snake oil salesmen/women the US mainstream media has become. This is yet another example of how hysterical and desperate they are becoming as people increasingly reject the so called status quo.
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      If the dogs bark, Sancho, it's a sign we're on track.
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      jasin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, I actually see some positive signs. This shift actually started when Eric Cantor thought he was going to a victory speech for his GOP primary and thought he would be Speaker of the US House within a year, and he went home defeated and his political career destroyed.

      Cantor was one of the key symbols of AIPAC power. Some people will say balh blah about there's no hope and we're all doomed. etc. I say phooey to that. There is always hope in victory and victory in faith. Common, everyday voters took Cantor out of politics and they didn't ask permission.

      Now Trump is on the scene. Again, nobody asked permission.

      It can and does happen.

      We don't have to let these hoodlums walk over us.
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      michaelin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, thanks for that! The small signs need to be recognised and spoken about. I'm glad that it is not all doom and gloom. Please keep us informed of other encouraging events as they appear as sometimes these things are not picked up by international media, being considered insignificant I suppose. :)

      Thanks for the link as well! :)
    • fast-foodin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      You are right sir thanks to the US government policy the world has become a real hell, poverty, misery, war and especially the diabolical machinations of your government have made this world an unlivable world.
      And the worst is coming if the American people do not wake up the lie in which the US government has plunged.
      And to complete this diabolical strategy the government rotchilds-fellers company put hands on any, media, art, school etc ... in the only goal of destroying the traditional American family, belief and love.
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      “America First” ===== NO WW3

      The USA/EU Media & The Corrupt World Politicians
      __ Have No Clue What to do with Trump & President Putin?

      __ The GOP Corrupt Politicians (Anyone But Trump), GET- A-LIFE, TRUMP WON

       Trump__ said a while back that President Putin is a Smart Leader
      Trump should have added that Mr. Putin, unlike other Corrupt Leaders,
      He is “Russia First / Patriot”, Caring, Patient, Cultured & Problem Solver
      Which is similar to Trump's personality.

       Mr. Putin’s invading Trump’s wife’s Slovenian, has to do with Crimea
      “Even though Katrine the Great Won Crimea, Crimea with its
      Official Referendum came to Mr. Putin, Mr. Putin did not go to Ukraine.
      This has to do with NATO being so…. JEALOUS of President Putin’s

       Hillary Clinton got her Match since she is running with Trump.
      Clinton not only, she is Corrupt-Warmonger-ISRAEL-FIRST,
      Dangerous With Our Secrets, & she will not tell the Truth
      Even-If she is Water-Boarded.

       Trump__ During the Primary, when everyone Counted-Him-Out
      Won (37 States) & Over 13 Millions Popular Votes which was
      The most votes in The History of The Republican Party (GOP).
      Trump got 20% More Votes than Clinton

       The Republican Convention was Televised during a Prime-Time &
      The American People saw & heard Trump speaking to them from
      the Heart, telling them that he used his OWN Money, so he will not be
      BOUGHT by any INTEREST GROUPS when he becomes a President.

       The so called “Far-Left—Scion (Heir) Noam Chomsky,
      the Israeli-American is “AMERICA-FIRST.”

       Bernie Sanders, the Israeli-American --- most Americans Don’t Know if he’s Israel- First / “AMERICA-FIRST” & also his ‘90’s Congress Banking Scandal.

       “Voters’ ignorance of foreign affairs” Washington Post, before lumping
      & putting Trump’s Voter in 1-BOX, teach your own reporters the location of
      Ukraine along with other Eastern European Countries.

       The Daily Beast, etc., are permanent fixtures of France24_Debate Show,
      Talking Non-Sense about World Affairs

       In 2008, on FoxNews, President Obama was Manchurian Candidate
       2016, on MSNBC, Trump is Manchurian Candidate
    • fast-foodin reply toAngus Gallagher(Show commentHide comment)
      Angus Gallagher,
      Mr. Bravo but be aware that the other side of the Atlantic the US government has been aptly, a bloodthirsty condition that kills to steal the wealth and freedom of the weak nations.
      Is seen as a government hand-rotchilds-fellers company, guided by a pinokio akhzars lobbies state.
      And especially is seen as a nazi and fascist government that piety freedoms worldwide.
      A dictatorial government that oppresses the lowest in the plunge in extreme poverty, obama killed during his more than blacks mandates that every president of america.
      On the other side of the Atlantic the US government is satane itself.
      The European people every day that the sun rises has only one desire that freedom of your people see the true light, that democracy is no longer a farce and a lie and modern slavery once disappears forever with your government nazi and militarist.
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      karlof1in reply toseanrkearney(Show commentHide comment)
      seanrkearney, Annually, Gallup polls US citizens regarding how much trust they place in the Propaganda System and break it down by political affiliation. Democrats are the most gullible, with @ 54% trust; Independents are very skeptical at just 26%; but Republicans are the least fooled--surprisingly considering FOX--at 24%.
    • fast-foodin reply tokarlof1(Show commentHide comment)
      we European's been a while we do not believe all the polls that are nothing other than daubers of truth and reality.
      In addition the survey has only one purpose, to lull the people of the shenanigans and injustices that are played on his back.
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      jasin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, These are very interesting exchanges for me. The evil empire is terrified of people of the world uniting. . It never occurred to me that some fo this news wasn't making it the the international scene. Here's a link about the Cantor story.

      This guy was like the poster child for neocons and love-hating Zionists. He was young, more loyal to Israel than the US, and grabbing all the political power he could as a capo for the world crime syndicate. Then enough people united at the right time, and he's gone. not a shot fired.

      It can and will happen over and over until we all take back what belongs to us. this world doesn't belong to some lawyer like Cantor in a fancy suit. It belongs to ALL of us. I think it happened again with the defeat of Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Cruz. Ted Cruz can thump his chest all he wants, but he got his butt kicked, and badly in these primaries. Cruz is not particularly popular in the US Congress. He's just a Santorum type. Rick Santorum is another example. George Allen, James Gilmore.... in the US We don't have to be slaves to these people. Lindsey Graham prances around like he matters, but every time he tries to go national, he gets laughed at. These guys are on the way out and it's about time for the US of AIPAC to become the US of America again.

      And you guys have other people where you live, different names, but same problem.
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      michaelin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, that we do, regardless of the political shade they claim - all the same. Thanks again for the link, I'll check out the story later this am. :)
    • Adrienne Adonis
      The corrupt media will do anything to smear Trump and Putin in the same breath. Most Americans realize this so they pay no mind to the Trump/Putin smear campaign. No one is buying into the media .lies and propaganda.
    • avatar
      US media are private, but from very reach people, not from population. So are far from credible. Majority of these people are interested only in money (military-industrial complex as greatest danger for US democracy said Dwight Eisenhower). We expect development of primitive US democracy, at least to the level as one man one vote, not electors and superelectors!
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      The USA media is Jew owned and/or operated so is Sputnik being anti Semitic by accusing the USA media?
    • avatar
      gsimms81in reply toslobodan(Show commentHide comment)
      slobodan, Jews own most of the USA major media and they hate Russia with a passion!
    • avatar
      gsimms81in reply toAdrienne Adonis(Show commentHide comment)
      Danzig, Most of the major USA media is owned and/or operated by (((Jews))) who hate Russia!
    • avatar
      Darrell R
      I don't know what's more outrageous, the ones making the accusations, the press that dishes it out or the voters distracted by it. Putin is smart and knows the risk of doing such a thing so I really doubt his involvement and its such an obvious distraction. But as for whoever did it Russian or not, I'd like to thank you very much. I'm sure it will come up in the debates.
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