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    Donald Trump has repeatedly talked tough on torture including waterboarding which simulates drowning.

    LA Times Advocates Coup if Donald Trump Elected President

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    The candidate has broken the one unspoken rule of the Beltway establishment in calling for the country to focus on existential threats rather than the imaginary specter of Russian aggression for the sake of selling more weapons.

    LA Times editorial writer James Kirchick took his distaste for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to a new rhetorical limit, by calling for an armed insurrection against the real-estate-mogul-turned-candidate, should he succeed in his election bid.

    Kirchick calls Trump a "brazenly authoritarian figure," accusing the former reality television producer of being unfit for office because his campaign manager, Paul Manafort, worked with "former Ukrainian president and Vladimir Putin-ally Viktor Yanukovich."

    Increasingly, establishment political circles have called for renewed and friendly relations with Moscow. Trump has said that, "if Russia wants to get ISIS, let them get ISIS," and has referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as his "stablemate" in the latter’s calls for the US to direct military assets to battle "radical Islamic terrorism" rather than chasing a myth of Russian aggression.

    ​"At the Republican National Convention here Monday, Manafort put some of the tricks he learned overseas as a dictator whisperer to good use, employing underhanded tactics to avoid a roll call vote on the convention’s rules package and quietly removing language from the party platform expressing support for Ukraine’s democratic aspirations," observed Kirchick.

    The editorial’s  other point of opposition to Trump’s candidacy was an accusation that he supports war crimes, following his calls to restore waterboarding, a form of torture according to the Geneva Convention, as well as other, unspecified, interrogation techniques.

    Bringing up a recent failed military coup attempt in Turkey, the author suggests that the Pentagon might be so mad with President Trump, that the US military will follow the example of Erdogan’s opponents and try to overthrow "the leader of the free world."

    There are many alarming aspects of Trump’s campaign rhetoric and policy positions. His vow to ban Muslims from traveling to the United States, his labeling of Mexicans as “murderers and rapists,” and his consistently violent rhetoric, including demanding that his supporters attack opposition members and the pulling of credentials from media outlets critical of his candidacy, all troubled many even within the Republican party. Nevertheless, the Donald became the most popular candidate in the history of GOP primaries, securing 13.3 million votes according to Real Clear Politics.

    Additionally, many votes were casted by current or former members of the US military as was reflected by Trump’s sweeping victory in North Carolina — a state with the highest concentration of military personnel in the country countering the op-ed’s proposition of that America’s soldiers would revolt.

    However, the mere fact that Trump’s willingness to go against the US military-industrial establishment and to limit military spending, provokes an unprecedented endorsement of a military coup against his presidency, speaks volumes about policies of US mainstream media.


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      “AMERICA 1st ”

      “If Trump wins, a coup isn't impossible here in the USA”
      By James Kirchick, WHO IS AN ISRAELI-AMERICAN.

       Except for The Native Americans (NA), the rest of us (over 318 Million, from 200 Countries, Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, Egyptian-Americans, South African-Americans, German-Americans, Brazilian-Americans, Peruvian-Americans, etc., etc.,) are guests of (NA), whether we were born here or came with our ancestors.


       TRUMP __ The Republican Presidential Nominee (out of 17-GOP Candidates), Won more than (13-Million Popular Votes & (37-States)
      that NEVER happened in the HISTORY of the Republican Party), (1725 Delegates)
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      With the medias all put war against mr Trump, he is electrd, they may want him dead like kenedy
    • FlorianGeyer
      American Democracy is an example to the world :)

      If you cannot buy it cheap , kill it.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Kirchick is a pathetic liberal looser........... You can't even call him a man.......... He is a typical pansie representing the gutless left ...
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      Bob Hoferer, well good if that is the case, but have you actually read his editorial? If you have, I'd be interested on the wording he has used.
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      Bob Hoferer, I should have done it earlier when I skipped over the article, but I have looked at the editorial and while there is obvious denigration of Trump's policies there is a suggestion, and probably a suggestion that goes a little too far for an editor, that the military may act on being told to commit 'war crimes' of which he gives no solid example of - but who in the military would act out an obvious Trump hating editor's fancy who covers for the ongoing destruction of the United States by the current incumbent?

      I doubt, that even with the current admins purge to be rid of those senior military officers who would refuse to fire on American citizens and who have been replaced by those who would, that there would be a consensus to act out a coup against a popularly elected President.
    • support
      Bob Hoferer, it is helpful to remember the massive systemic crimes of the past as examples of how such matters are addressed in the USA. If you recall the savings and loan scandal ---which is by no means a simpler issue to have solved than today's corruption as if that massive urban redevelopment fraud had not happened downtown USA would look like Damascus does now without the "aid" of non-stop artillery fire--over 400 key players did go to jail, all of them earning in the 7 to 9 digits range per annum and with contacts superior and more influential than either Bush Senior or Billy Boy of the Broken Zipper.

      There are perhaps 5 or 6 Congressmen who have had the fix in for the last eight to twelve years, each with a following of 3 or 4 minor and secondary Congressional figures, involved in the crimes of aiding and abetting inimical foreign interests, organising systemic bribery and protection rackets on behalf of the dope and trafficking in persons rackets, but perhaps only two or three for whom the actual charge of treason could stick.

      As respects the civil servants involved most will take early retirement with regime change in exchange for testimony and testifying against their former employers.

      Plea bargaining is why America does not have firing squads when almost every other regime changes its underwear after eight years of sh*tting themselves.
    • supportin reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, perhaps Club Fed in Rochester, MN, will have to make room for another 300 or 400 inmates, and around 15 to 25 Congressmen amongst them. The rest will plea bargain and either walk with early retirement or do a wrist-slap of 3 or 4 years max, if that. I am just guessing mind you, but I believe Ryan and Cruz as well as several Democrats are on foreign payrolls on a sub rosa basis. The Justice Department and the Treasury's C.I.D. would have been on top of that since before Obama, if that is the case.

      There is no need for melodrama when dealing with a routine law enforcement situation like this which the USA has handled many, many times before; in fact, with almost every other regime change has this occurred.

      BLM and the New Black Panther Party will be classified as terrorist organizations by the end of this week so that is pretty much settled. They both can either play out their "martyrdoms" while taking selfies like the Symbionese Liberation Army or they can go home to their parents' homes situated in upper middle class & predominantly white neighborhoods in their new Escalades their Daddy's bought them last Xmas to play in the basement with their Xboxes and Nintendos..
    • support
      As an exercise in sand-table style combat scenario development which was part of the doctoral thesis for a grad student at a major US university, the problem posed was how many troops, tanks and aircraft (exclusive of naval requirements; the assumption was that a full and unopposed naval blockade would already be in place) would be required to subjugate the USA through invasion. The estimate was around 110 reinforced mechanized infantry divisions, 35,000 tanks, 80,000 pieces of field artillery, 75,000 combat and transport aircraft and half a million truck transports apart from the tank transporters. I completely forget the rail requirements but they were also sufficiently off the chart like the other numbers. Anyway I do remember that the paper indicated that the size of the operation would have to be three times the size of Operation Bagration.

      Granted armed partisan civilians are useful as a harassing tactic but it is the individual state National Guards who will get the job of defense done in the event of a coup attempt by any side politically.

      Even if there were a full triumph by the revolutionary forces of the Tinfoil Army, the real work starts when the time arrives for administering their newly-captured and subjugated citizenry. Good luck with that lol!

      Thinking about this makes me want to watch Defiance with Daniel Craig and that wild & crazy guy from Ray Donovan again. The wedding scene is unforgettable as are the real life Bielski brothers from Belarus.


      Americans have many, many character flaws, almost as many as me, another American. That being said, we taught the world revolution. Russians were very good students as always. We are all Bielskis when it comes to totalitarians of whatever complexion.
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      terryjohnodgersin reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, Trump could always reverse the reason for the existence of those many FEMA camps around the US that were exposed some years ago. No doubt, if Bill Ayres and his protégé, Barry Obammy have had anything to do with it, there is probably more of those camps just waiting for their 'residents'. But instead of being the patriots and the enlightened, as Bill Ayers thinks he has to murder, it will be Bill Ayres, Barry and all the other associated scum who gets locked up and fed all those 'survival' rations in those camps just waiting to be eaten.
    • supportin reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, having spent some serious training time on field deployment and living on the old-style (C-type) rations, that would be too nice for them. I gained positive weight (muscle), felt like a million bucks after a month "in the wild" and came back magnificently refreshed. From a Federal standpoint there is no over-crowding problem in their indoor facilities yet.

      More practically speaking, that programme ought to be better used as an Ellis Island-style holding area for illegals to screen them thoroughly so that proper judgment can be made as to whom to send back and whom to retain. What is causing all these cases of aggravated TB and other diseases of over-crowding is the sunlessness of the illegals' hiding places and dwellings. Even if the decision is made to send all of them back, screening them would ensure we do the Pokemon thing relative to terrorist inflitration and "catch them all."

      Just the existence of these internment areas will act as a deterrent to illegal immigration if the FEMA holding areas are put to this use.
    • itchyvet .in reply toquemadoinstitute(Show commentHide comment)
      quemadoinstitute, Actually, if what you post is true, are you not living on Mexican land taken from them in the first place ??? Frankly mate, your position is tenuous.
    • itchyvet .in reply toProtectUSA1st(Show commentHide comment)
      ProtectUSA1st, Anyone who holds DUAL CITIZENSHIP cannot be loyal to BOTH countries. It's either one or the other.
      IMHO, there should be no dual citizenship ever.
    • avatar
      quemadoinstitutein reply toitchyvet .(Show commentHide comment)
      itchyvet ., Yes, I am living on land taken from Mexico, as the Mexicans in the form of Spanish invaders took the land from the Indians in the first place, and so forth. The problem with the moral principle that previous occupiers of land have a right to that land is that it leads to an infinite regression. How far back shall we go? You call me "mate". If you are from Australia, you took that land from the Aboriginees. If you are from Britain, can you prove that people of precisely your genetic makeup have lived on your land since the origin of mankind in Europe?

      To define a nation, we must draw the line on the right to occupy at some point in time that is not arbitrary. And the only such point is now.

      Yes, all that I said is true. If the US borders are not where maps currently show them, where are they to be drawn? And shall we redraw Europe to be pre-World War II, pre-World War I, or even pre-Ice Age? No my friend, nations need borders. That is the beginning of peace and stability. Globalization and the blurring of borders has caused huge upheaval and instability in the world.
    • avatar
      quemadoinstitutein reply toitchyvet .(Show commentHide comment)
      itchyvet ., Hello again. My earlier to you of 18:35 22.07.2016, upon reflection, reveals a hypocrisy in my thinking I cannot easily resolve. I myself believe China should stop occupying Tibet and Xinxiang, that Israel should stop occupying Palestine, and that the Ukrainians should stop occupying the Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts, in contradiction to my own principle that nations have a right to occupy land they occupy now. Yet, I am part Irish, part Norman, and part German. Since invaders from England took the USA from the Indians, where do I have a right to live? I can't divide myself up and send part of myself back to Germany, part to Ireland, and part to France. Therefore, i do not know what the moral principle about who has a right to live where could be. I guess we have to apply rules on a case by case basis. #SAVEDONBASS #SAVETIBET
    • support
      terryjohnodgers, I have ever confidence Mr. Trump shall deliver as if that to which he is committed is an unbreakable business contract. This is because he has made many other multi-billion commitments to others; for construction, for operations, for hiring thousands of workers, for maintaining his properties, and his lifelong commitment to his father from birth to maintain and build his family's fortune, perhaps the hardest trust to keep on a commercial and personal basis imaginable. He is a graduate of America's toughest business school, Carnegie-Mellon's Wharton School of Business, back when it was many times tougher than it is now.

      After all that, politics is easy.

      As stated before, the days of mass internment camps as in Andersonville or even the internment of German prisoners of war at such places as the Phoenix Alcoa Aluminium plant are gone. In this particular instance there will be a need for incarceration of perhaps 250-400 individuals engaged in racketeering, trafficking in persons, taking bribes, and trafficking in narcotics.

      As an historical precedent, President Gerald R. Ford had a much, much tougher job cleaning house with the Federal government than Mr. Trump confronts. He did well and got the job done. So shall Mr. Trump.

      The major problem with the InterNet with which I am certain you are familiar is that it so horrifically conflates and multiplies the impact of every message and story posted to it. To quote someone whose wheelchair I would not be qualified to push and who also confronted saving America from foreign and domestic enemies and succeeded: "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

      It is justice which needs to be done under the rule of law, not retribution and revenge.
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      ProtectUSA1stin reply toitchyvet .(Show commentHide comment)
      itchyvet ., In My Honest Opinion (IMOH) too, I agree with you, 100%.
       DUAL CITIZENSHIP – Will FREE them to Fight Against USA or ISRAEL
       Casing Point: ___ R. Emanuel the Israeli-American Mayor of Chicago, Never Served USA Armed Forces, but he goes to ISRAEL to Fullfil his Military Duties with Israel Defense Forces (IDF)
       If ISRAEL is in War with another country, the Corrupt Congress will Vote and send them Our Troops.
       (BTW), ISRAEL Never helped USA in any War.

      Itchyvet, It gets even More Dangerous when it comes to USA ALLEGIANCE
       To understand what I’m talking about, copy & Paste the Links below:


      List of (Jewish is their Religion) The Only Groups who don’t use their origin.
      Israeli-American politicians
    • avatar
      PaleRiderin reply toShoaib Channa(Show commentHide comment)
      Shoaib Channa, sorry, but he did not WIN anything, that was a political gift pure and simple, trumped up by the Left globalist mandate. It undermined the award and insulted previous winners and the world!
    • avatar
      In the confusion of the coup, the author might end up as a dead casualty, which would be extremely funny.
    • avatar
      copiusin reply toProtectUSA1st(Show commentHide comment)
      The reason Trump won big time is because, Americans want to kick out the Israeli Americans, who are traitors to America.
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