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    A vote leave supporter holds a Union flag, following the result of the EU referendum, outside Downing Street in London, Britain June 24, 2016.

    Britain's Peasants' in Brexit Revolt

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    Neil Clark
    Britain Says 'Cheerio' to EU (461)

    The first Peasants' Revolt in Britain occurred 1381. The second took place on Thursday 23rd June 2016.

    On the Remain side in the EU Referendum campaign stood the giants of US finance capital — Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan were among those who funded the campaign — and NATO, the IMF, The Times newspaper, The Economist, 1280 "business leaders"of multinational corporations and almost the entire British Establishment.

    ​The US President warned Britain of the consequences of Brexit (go to the "back of the queue!"), as did billionaire financial speculator George Soros and the billionaire investment banker Lord Jacob Rothschild. 

    The multimillionaire children's author JK Rowling, changed her Twitter name to JK RowlIN to encourage a Remain vote, while the billionaire businessman Sir Richard Branson took out a whole page of newspaper advertising on Tuesday (June 21) to warn us not to vote for Brexit.

    "Although I've been living in the British Virgin Islands for some time now, I have never stopped caring passionately about the UK and its great people. I truly believe that leaving the EU would be devastating for the long-term future of Great Britain and the future of Europe," said the Virgin supremo.

    Meanwhile, the pro-Remain multimillionaire rock star Sir Bob Geldof did his bit by sticking two fingers up at Brexit-supporting fishermen on the River Thames.

    ​The Establishment operated "Project Fear" for most of the campaign and attempted to frighten the "peasants" — because peasants is how they regard us — with tales of austerity budgets and swingeing cuts to pensions and services if they dared to disobey their masters and vote Leave.

    We were even told we had to stay in the EU to keep us safe from terrorism (did I imagine the Brussels and Paris bombings?), and from the Russian "threat."

    After the tragic murder of pro-Remain MP Jo Cox on June 16, Project Fear became combined with "Project Grief." Despite a call from Cox's friend Rachel Reeves, for the killing not to be linked to the referendum campaign, some EU supporters did just that.

    In a leaked recording featuring Will Straw, executive director of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign, and son of a former Foreign Secretary, Straw is heard to say, "We need to recognize that people have been pulled up short by Jo Cox's death and it is now time to make a very positive case for why we want to be in the European Union… to call out the other side for what they have done to stir division and resentment in the UK. That is something we must all do…" David Cameron was also accused of trying to exploit Cox's death.

    ​As referendum day dawned, the Remain side must have felt very confident that their tactics had worked. Late opinion polls showed Remain back in the lead. It seemed that Labour voters, horrified by the murder of Jo Cox, were going to do what was expected of them. At 10.00 clock on Thursday (June 23) night, when the polling booths closed, the bookmakers odds of a Brexit had drifted to 9-1, from 9-2 earlier in the day. The pound surged. In the City, champagne corks were popping. Remainers got ready to party. 

    And then the peasants spoke. The people who had been talked at and patronized for years, but never listened to, started to make one hell of a noise.

    The first result that told us that the Establishment might be in for the shock of its life was Sunderland, when Leave won by a much wider margin (61-39) than predicted.

    ​UKIP MEP, Diane James, said there had been much anger after management at the local Japanese owned Nissan car plant had written to workers expressing the company's preference for a Remain vote — after being "effectively asked" to do so by the Prime Minister David Cameron.

    Pro-Brexit flags fly from a fishing boat moored in Ramsgate on June 13, 2016.
    © AFP 2017/ Chris J Ratcliffe
    Then the Newcastle result came in. Remain had expected to win this quite comfortably but only scraped to a very narrow win by just 1%.

    By now the bookies odds on a Brexit had come in to 4-1, but Remain were still the odds-on favorites. As district after district flashed up as a Leave win, with a turnout higher than at last year's general election, it was clear that we were witnessing something quite extraordinary. The Establishment, who would have been so confident of success earlier in the evening, were being given a big thumbs down from the "peasants" in the North, the south-east, the east, the south-west, the Midlands and Wales. The hostility towards direct democracy from some liberal-left "democrats" came out into the open.

    Tony Blair‘s former spin doctor and Remain supporter Alistair Campbell was called "arrogant" after he declared:

    "I have always thought it was a bad idea to have it (this referendum). I want politicians to be elected and lead."

    ​Meanwhile, the BBC gave airing to the view that Brexiters were less educated than Remainers. Of course, the "peasants" could only have voted the way they did because they aren't as bright as us — and/or because they're "racists'/'xenophobes." There can be no other explanation.

    Watching the Establishment trying to come to terms with their defeat has been highly revealing. And also highly comical.

    "I don't think I've ever wanted magic more," bemoaned the multi-millionaire JK Rowling (or is it RowlIN?).

    ​Billionaire businessman Lord Sugar said he had "no words":

    ​His Lordship may be speechless, but the "peasants" have found their voice. They've not only brought about Britain's exit from the EU, but the resignation of the hard-right neocon David Cameron as Prime Minister. Chancellor George "Slasher" Osborne, who threatened the peasants with a new austerity budget if they dared to vote the wrong way, will surely be on his bike soon too. The rebels may also have helped to bring about an early general election. Not bad for a day's work was it? 

    While faux-left hipsters, who only pretend to want radical change are in shock that the "peasants" ignored their advice to vote for the Establishment-friendly status quo, the genuine left, who know that things needed a real shake-up, are ecstatic.

    George Galloway, a politician who by backing Brexit showed once again he is much more in tune with majority public opinion than his condescending and insufferably smug Establishment detractors, tweeted:

    ​Significantly, the areas of the country which delivered the strongest support for Brexit were ones that have been neglected by the elite for years. Only one in the twelve areas of the North-East voted Remain — (and that was only by 1%).

    The North-East is the only region of the country where house prices fell in the year to February. People in the North East are also most likely to be diagnosed with cancer. The region also has the highest child poverty rate in the UK. According to a report from Barnardo's, some neighborhoods in the North-East have more than two-thirds of children living in families on out of work benefits.

    ​It is unlikely that many voters in the North East would have been swayed by the billionaire financier Lord Jacob Rothschild taking to the pages of The Times to urge a Remain vote. Or by the tweets of wealthy pro-Remain "celebrities" either.

    ​It's not just in the North East where people are experiencing real hardship. All over the country, workers have seen their real living standards fall as their wages are frozen or reduced — and prices for utilities rise. Well-heeled "inside the tent" Establishment figures based in London know very little of life in this other Britain. For them and their equally well-heeled friends, the EU and globalization in general is working just fine. 

    You would think, listening to Establishment figures that a quite awful thing happened in Britain last night.

    "This is the worst day in the life of postwar Britain," said New Labour guru Lord Mandelson and chair of the international financial advisory firm Lazard International.

    But in fact something quite wonderful has taken place. Nearly 17.5 million Britons defied the instructions of their "superiors" and defiantly stuck two fingers up at the people who John Rees has called "the power brokers of the world system." Goldman Sachs donated millions to the Remain campaign and they lost. Ditto JP Morgan. This is not just about getting out of the European Union, it's about ordinary people refusing to do what they were told to do by those who up to now, have always got their own way.

    After Thursday night, things will never be the same again. Thank goodness for that.

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    Britain Says 'Cheerio' to EU (461)


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    • Angus Gallagher
      This is an impressive article that addresses the profound contempt the left-right elites have for ordinary British working people who have been cruelly demonised as xenophobes and racists.
      One of Neil's ideas is to form a 'left-right' anti war coalition and that is an extremely powerful idea. We could use that to jointly opppse NATO militarism and EU expansion in Ukraine as well as liberal interventionist wars that churn up the migrant tidal waves.
      We won the referendum because the British working class have been treated by Labour with patronizing disdain. I hope that Neil Clark will realise that the left-right dichotomy is a false construct in 21st century Britain. The truth is that BREXIT is British people of all classes and creeds standing together against the elites and globalization in the name of reclaiming our sovereignty. All we have done is follow the same policies UNITED RUSSIA would have proposed were it in a similar situation.
      I would like to see more articles by Neil Clark.
    • avatar
      BREXIT is a warning to USA elites.
      First step in trapping George Soros.
    • avatar
      What an extraordinary article! Excellent. Excellent. Thank you, Sir. The best I have seen in many years.
    • avatar
      Good resignation speech from david. Thank you RT. Was quite surprised really at what he said, although by watching his facial expressions it was easy to see the anger just under the surface. He kept his cool pretty good. Let's hope he steps down and shuts his mouth finally. A lot more people then the 17 million brits talked about are fed up. The whole world was hoping for this. I am still shocked that david admitted defeat and actually let the results be. Most were expecting him to cheat and just steal the vote. I do have a little (underlined)) better opinion of the man now then 24 hours ago. Now let's see more countries do the same thing on the way to breaking up nato. That is what needs to be broken up now. Forget the eu.
    • avatar
      I'm completely for the 'peasants', but the problem with this analysis is the the Leave elite intend to screw the 'peasants' even more than Remain elite. Gove, Farage and Boris want to privatise the NHS and Farage has already retracted the Leave campaign slogan and promise of 'Let's spend the 350 million a week we get back from Europe on our NHS' because they never intended to actually do that. So they were screwing the 'peasants' from the off and no doubt many voted leave on the back of promises like that.
      Murdoch is happy too because in his own words 'when I walk into Downing Street they do as I say but when I go to Brussels they don't pay any attention'.
      More screwing of the 'peasants'.
      Here the 'peasants' have been hijacked yet again using the age old tool of ultra nationalism to do the bidding of an elite that will screw them into the ground by privatising the one thing the 'peasants' managed to create from themselves in this country after fighting 2 world wars under the bloody flag - and by removing what is left of unions and workers rights.
      That's how much the Leave elite actually care for the 'peasants'.
      Now the people need to free themselves form the flag, care about people not symbols the elites give you to bow to, ditch the Leave leaders and find leaders who will actually protect and nurture the NHS - no privatisation, who will restore the workers rights taken away over the past 2 decades and put real money and real effort into helping revitalise the forgotten parts of the UK rather than the lip service Osborne and Cameron were guilty of.
    • avatar
      Bravo, peasants!!! The Establishment can take their money and shove it up their asses!!!
    • avatar
      nicely written, his passion is clear. And yes, I too would like to read more of Neil's writings.
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