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    Police stand behind a crime scene tape near the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub on in Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2016.

    Entrapment Actions Distract FBI From Real Threats Like Orlando Terrorist

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    Analysts claim that FBI "sting" operations to draw US citizens into invented terror plots have resulted in wasting resources to get easy convictions instead of hunting down real threats like Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) "sting" operations to draw US citizens into invented terror plots have resulted in wasting resources to get easy convictions instead of hunting down real threats like Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen, analysts told Sputnik.

    "These entrapment techniques lead people who would have remained innocent to become guilty by ‘encouraging’ them to commit a crime," University of Louvain Professor Jean Bricmont and author of "Humanitarian Imperialism" told Sputnik.

    Bricmont pointed out that practicing entrapment techniques have turned the FBI away from investigating genuine terror suspects who had displayed real indicators of dangerous behavior.

    "This is a very dangerous mechanism, because any bureaucracy is in need of justification for increased funding for example, and manufacturing fear is for the FBI a way to do just that. I think these are the reasons why those methods are not allowed in several European countries," Bricmont stated.

    The psychology behind FBI sting operations reflected the long-established and successful use of the same technique by the US armed forces to generate bigger budgets, Bricmont explained.

    "The US military does that on a much grander scale, by inventing

    threats to national security all the time," he added.

    The real aim of the sting operations was not to hunt out genuine terrorist threats like the Orlando, Florida mass killer Omar Mateen, but to discredit peaceful, legitimate domestic critics to US policies, California State University Emeritus Professor of Political Science Beau Grosscup said.

    "These ongoing operations allegedly targeting the Islamic State is the FBI's current version of COINTELPRO defined as ‘a series of covert, and at times illegal, projects aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting and disrupting domestic political organizations’," he explained.

    However, because the sting operations were conducted as part of the post-September 11 War on Terror, their goal was much broader than the sting operations conducted on the anti-Vietnam War movement, Black Panthers, American Left in the 1960's/70's," Grosscup observed.

    The aim of the current wave of sting operations was "to raise and sustain the level of fear of foreign terrorism for the purpose of mobilizing and maintaining popular support for the permanent war posture and ‘defense’ expenditures of the National Security State," he pointed out.

    The FBI failed to heed warnings from Russian security about the Tsarnaev brothers who perpetrated the Boston Marathon bombing, and it failed to heed warning indicators from an earlier interview with Omar Mateen.

    However, sting operations ensured the FBI continued to enjoy favorable publicity even though its own agents had largely manufactured security threats themselves, Grosscup maintained.

    "Because its message is largely political — We are using your tax dollars to protect you against the foreign ‘other’ — this FBI project has the active and open support of the corporate media, the judicial and political system," he maintained.

    Thus the FBI can carry out their stings with impunity regardless how often they are eventually exposed as entrapment, Grosscup concluded.


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