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    In this photograph taken on November 24, 2011 Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers take part in the Pakistan-China anti-terrorist drill as they wrap up their two-week military exercise in Jhelum, 85 kilometres southeast of Islamabad

    China Grows Its External Military Might With Peacekeeping Operations

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    Recent changes in Chinese law, together with a large participation in peacekeeping operations could mean that China is honing its military for use abroad.

    China will continue increasing its military force projection abroad, military analyst Vasily Kashin told Sputnik.

    Over 2,200 Chinese military and police took part in United Nations peacekeeping missions in 2015, becoming one of the largest sources of peacekeepers. According to Kashin, this could mean greater future power projection abroad.

    "Participation in such operations on the one hand increases the international authority of the PRC, and on the other — makes it possible to prepare a significant number of military personnel with the experience of living abroad and contacts with people of other cultures," Kashin wrote.

    He added that the number of military exercises conducted together with other countries has also grown. However, it was not until the 2011 Libyan conflict, that China began operations for evacuating its citizens overseas. 

    "Recent changes in Chinese law allow the PRC to use its armed forces and police special forces to fight terrorism abroad," Kashin added.

    Currently, the law notes that the agreement of the other country is necessary for conducting such an operation, although nothing is said about unrecognized entities.

    "It can be assumed that the establishment of the office responsible for conducting foreign PLA non-combat operations, will lead to a new wave of growth in China's participation in peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, particularly in Africa, as well as to the expansion of the Chinese Navy's global activity," Kashin concluded.


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