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    Putin Foresaw US Drive for World Domination in 2007 Speech

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin predicted the US ambitions to rule the world, experts said.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly identified a documented US drive to dominate the world in his 2007 Munich speech, but nations around the world continue to resist it, American and European scholars told Sputnik.

    "President Putin is obviously aware of the fundamental tenets of neo-conservative US foreign policy since 2001," California State University Emeritus Professor of Political Science Beau Grosscup, an author and terrorism analyst, told Sputnik.

    That plan was spelled out clearly in the 1992 Pentagon Defense Planning Guidance (DPG) authored by Paul Wolfowitz and future Vice President Dick Cheney to maintain the United States as the sole architect of the post-Cold War landscape, Grosscup noted.

    "[The plan] includes by-passing existing international institutions, the United Nations in particular, for unilateral reliance on military power, backed by ad hoc alliances," Grosscup pointed out.

    The plan also included a Full Spectrum Doctrine that said the United States should be able to fight and win numerous wars, including nuclear ones, for regime change purposes in rogue nations, and that it should prevent the rise of competing powers such as Russia, China and Europe, Grosscup added.

    "Most notable is the right wing Neo-Nazi-inspired Ukrainian regime-change coup backed by the United States. Along with the Georgia political crisis in 2008, [they] are the final building blocks to move NATO to Russia's immediate borders," Grosscup claimed.

    The purpose of these moves was to prevent Russia rise as a competing power and to control Central Asian oil and gas reserves, he observed.

    "President Putin's concerns expressed at Munich are understandable. Putin points out correctly that the United States and its ad hoc coalition allies have used non-UN sanctioned unilateral military force in the Middle East to de-stabilize Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestinian Occupied Areas and Syria," Grosscup observed.

    On the nuclear front, the United States continues its effort to "out-invent" its strategic weapons rivals with a technological breakthrough that would allow it to win a strategic nuclear war with Russia," he stated.

    Also, "Current US President Barack Obama had given battlefield commanders the authority to breach the conventional-nuclear threshold on their own, Grosscup warned.

    However, recent Russian policies in the Middle East and Eastern Europe had blunted the drive to expand US influence, University of Louvain Professor and author of "Humanitarian Imperialism" Jean Bricmont told Sputnik.

    "The resistance of Russia in Syria and Ukraine has strengthened the hand of the anti-interventionists in the US," he stated.

    The current US presidential election campaign had already demonstrated that the American public did not share their rulers’ appetite for endless interventions and wars around the world, Bricmont emphasized.

    "The tide is changing, slowly but surely. The American public does not go along any more with the neo-cons-liberal interventionists," he maintained.

    The pattern of voting in the early US primary and caucuses indicated that the US public had no enthusiasm for new wars, Bricmont concluded.

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      Even if enthusiasm for war has waned among the public, if there is another 9/11, whether false flag or not, most of the public will fully support the next war.
    • Dirk Ramsey
      The American public is very slow to wake up and respond. They are just now starting to.
    • avatar
      The comment on the Facebook side is well worth consideration given its correctness. But the idea of dominating the planet within US intellectual discussion goes back to the late 19th century, particularly Brooks Adams's "Law of Civilization and Decline," which was teamed with Halford Mackinder's "Heartland Thesis." Hell, the British Empire was already "Sea to Shining Sea" upon which the sun never set, that was essentially co-opted by its progeny and became the Outlaw US Empire.
    • avatar
      Great article. Both men made some very astute observations. I am pleasantly surprised how both Trump and Sanders seem to be shifting to a more bold resistance to global interventions. They are shouting now. Trump thrashed Jeb Bush, Cruz and Rubio over the issue, during the debate. Let's try peace and love for a change. It works.
    • altair451
      "The American public does not go along any more with the neo-cons-liberal interventionists." This maybe true but the citizens of the US do not elect their representatives any more. The person with the most money wins and that person will always obey their masters and do what they are told. Any truly independent person will never get elected not only because of the money need but also because of the control that these same force have over the media.

      The upcoming US election in November is estimated to cost $5 BILLION! What truly independent, anti-establishment person could come up with this type of money? Bernie Sanders? He is a sick joke! He espouses the same anti Assad & anti Russia garbage as the rest of the psychopaths running for POTUS.
    • avatar
      Putin forsaw the US being out for world domination, just like Farrakhan read, America Uber Alles, America above all, equivalent to what Karl Haushoffer teaching geopolitics in Germany to future Nazis.
    • avatar
      In fairness, anyone paying attention could see the US drive for world domination before 2007. PNAC was well known in the years after 9/11.
    • ewt2020
      The fear of MAD, mutual assured destruction is no longer in the US vocabulary. The US neo-cons are so sure of their superiority and invincibility they are a menace to every living creature on this planet. Thankfully President Putin has the intellect and restraint to deal with these maniacs. I would not be so sure about the Chinese and the dangerous sabre rattling over the South China Sea. This is a test of the important US Japan security treaty and US prestige in South East Asia. It is worth noting that Australia refused to participate alongside the US with any naval assets in this region, they would want no part of a possible conflict with China. The Ukraine and Syria may well become a sideline.
    • avatar
      Extreme caution should be exercised as the elections in the United States are meaningless even the so called Socialist Sanders has expressed the same foreign policies as Bush and Obama. No matter how the elections turn out the ruling plutocrats will continue the drive for world domination. The delusional ruling class is steeped in "American Exceptionalism" and God's plan for an American century. These are dangerous and delusional people who understand only one language and that is force.
    • avatar
      US world domination has not been credible since Vietnam. If it cannot subdue technologically inferior powers like the Viet Cong, the Taliban, the Shia muslims, along with independent-minded South Americans what hope of world power. It is stumbling around the Middle East, Ukraine and Africa like a drunken sailor. China will not be so restrained as Russia.
    • avatar
      The world domination is being spearheaded by Zionist Israel, and AIPAC lobby. The Russian military contingent better not turn their backs on that little Zionist entity Israel.
    • avatar
      bangein reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, Trump is right. Let's try peace and love. I would say " war is not the answer" but love and peace that the world need to prosper.
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