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    Refugees stand behind a fence at the Hungarian border with Serbia near the town of Horgos on September 16, 2015

    "…And Then Refugees Threw Two Babies Over the Border Fence"

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    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1819)

    The refugee crisis sometimes reaches absolutely crazy and awful extremes.

    Vasily Raksha — “A family with six kids lived right in front of our café there in the park”, said 28-year-old Budapest barman Janos pointing at a public garden across the road.

    The refugees naturally had an affect on Janus and his colleagues who supplied the family with food from their own kitchen.

    Surprisingly for their “helpless” status, not all asylum-seekers in Hungary display gratitude to the assistance provided to them – Janos recalled an embarrassing situation at the Keleti Train Station in Budapest.

    “Police gave them food and water but they threw it straight onto to the ground, maybe they didn’t like it”, the young man suggested.

    The interesting point about Janos is that, speaking good English, he does not understand the term “migrant.” All of those people are refugees for him, and he feels sympathy for them, saying that they do not pose risks for Hungary.

    The barman considers the notorious fight between police and asylum-seekers at the Horgos-Rozske border crossing point on the Serbian-Hungarian frontier as “ridiculous” because of the use of water cannons and tear gas against the incomers.

    On September 16 migrants brutally clashed with the Hungarian police at the border attempting to enter the EU country. Some 30 policemen and 150 migrants sustained injuries, scores were arrested.

    Janos said that the refugee influx had not noticeably altered life in the Hungarian capital because “we already have a lot of Chinese people here. They lived in catacombs under the market, and the authorities had to close it because of this issue.”

    What Janos described as a shocking apogee of the crisis was a situation when asylum-seekers, unable to get into Europe, tried to give their children a better chance for survival than they themselves had.

    “They threw two children over the border hoping the EU would take care of them.”

    Janos slammed the Hungarian border fences as “ridiculous political populism” stating that if the government had serious intentions, it would have built real walls instead of the existing barriers.

    He cast the blame for the expanding chaos on ISIL and added that though Russia targeted the real villains, evil cannot be eradicated with violence.

    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1819)


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