13:26 GMT +323 March 2017
    A recent media report about Washington’s plans to upgrade nuclear bombs in Western Germany resulted in Russia expressing concern, but the United States denied allegations of violating the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF)

    Afraid Yet? WWIII One Giant Step Closer After B61-12 Nukes Reach Europe

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    Washington's decision to station 20 next-generation advanced nuclear bombs of Type B61-12 is threatening to turn the specter of WWIII into a terrifying reality, F. William Engdahl warns.

    Although the Pentagon has advertised its B61-12 as a life extended version of the standard strategic US nuclear bomb, it is in fact a brand new nuclear weapon with vastly improved military capabilities, and the most expensive nuclear bomb project ever, Engdahl, an American-German economic researcher, emphasizes, citing Hans M. Kristensen, Director, Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists.

    The deployment of new nuclear weaponry in Germany by Washington "is no minor affair as it brings the likelihood of nuclear war by miscalculation between the United States and Russia one giant step closer and it makes the German Republic a direct high-priority target in any such escalation. Ashton "Ash" Carter and the war-hawks running the US Defense Department appear to be losing all contact with reality," Engdahl noted in his article for New Eastern Outlook.

    On July 1, 2015 the Pentagon tested its new B61-12 at Tonopah Test Range in Nevada, prompting sharp criticism Russia.

    Engdahl quoted Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, who pointed out that "the atomic bomb, which was tested, is a dual purpose device. It can be both an element of strategic offensive weapons — when delivered by heavy bombers — and an element of non-strategic nuclear weapons when delivered by tactical aircraft."

    To complicate matters further, on September 18 a report claiming that the Department of Defense is currently "reviewing and updating its contingency plans for armed conflict with Russia" was released by the US reputable media source. The new US defense plan purportedly included the use of so-called "tactical" nuclear weapons against Russia.

    Nearly simultaneously, on September 20 German Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets began patrolling the airspace of the three Baltic States — in close proximity to Russia's borders — "with full ammunition loads."

    "German Air Force's Inspector General Karl Müllner stated that the decision to fly fully armed was designed to "motivate" German pilots. He didn't elaborate on which Air Force might become the enemy, nor what his pilots were being motivated for. The new B 61-12 nuclear bomb could also be fitted to German Tornado fighter jets. Perhaps that would really motivate the German pilots," the researcher noted gloomily.

    Engdahl also highlighted that in July 2015 the incoming US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Dunford branded Russia as America's "existential threat."

    The researcher also called attention to a peculiar remark made by Pope Francis during his speech at Havana's Jose Marti Airport on September 19.

    The Roman pontific noted that the "world… needs reconciliation amidst this Third World War." Curiously enough, the "third world war" phrase "was never part of the original redaction of the Pope's speech," the researcher underscored, quoting Brazilian political analyst Pepe Escabar.

    Is it a mere coincidence?

    The question has not been answered yet.


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    • Terra
      Hmmm, i'm not a person for war but if it comes to this than i do hope that many Russian nukes are pointed to the bunkers/hiding places of the ones running the u.s
      These rodents are out of control and needs a extermination session, time to give them a taste of their own favorite pesticide brand "baygon"!
    • Mikhas
      As committed that the US Ziocon´s are to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian, they are equally committed to sacrifice Europe in it´s quest to destroy Russia and orthodox Christianity, in a futile attempt to save themselves at the other side of the pond, from Russian retaliation.
      No such luck however, Russia is soon covered by s-500 that takes out anything the US throws at it, but it´s nukes are evasive and impossible to stop, whether launched from Subs, silo´s or long range bombers. The most dangerous freaks on the planet are the armageddonist tribal ziocons, the Nudelman´s the Kagan´s the Pyatt´s and their ilk who actually believe that they somehow will survive and most of those who fails to be "jewish" (Khazar´s) will not.
    • avatar
      Ask yourself,

      IF Russia were to fly next to mexikan/US border with full armed possibly nuklear tupolev airplanes, how would US react?

      Expert the same fr.o.m. russia.

      As I lovord Germany and is decendand to GermanRussian , I still think German people is pussys not stoppning this escalation. Are we to enter a third world war? Is the German hate for Prussia and West Russia that strongt? i really don't get this.
    • Baybars
      It's time to fire up the Armatas. Russia has to make a run for Berlin to stop this proliferation.
    • lawrencestarr
      40 years ago some Europeans did not want to be incinerated. I guess the current crop does not care. The dim witted American bosses need to continue practicing on third-world nations-of-peasants. When they do the majestic sneak-attack on a modern country their delusions will cease forever.
    • Calm down dears, Russia has made plain its MOST EFFECTIVE DETERRENT - in any conflict it will glass israel,NY,SF,N London FIRST. The oppenheimers at the State Dept cannot do a hiroshima again, if 60% of their own jews are going to be wiped out. They have to do the job from within via davidovitch and pokhorovsky pollards. RELAX YOLL,ARMEGGADON AINT GONNA HAPPEN,khodorovsky and kasparov are now the only weapons left for the synagogue of satan.
    • in reply toGlamoureus(Show commentHide comment)
      Glamoureus, Sorry Fritz, guidowestervall gays have been given gay marriage and the rest of the germans are now allowed to visit sheep farms outside Berlin at night, so crypto merkel and the jews have already taken over Germany !!
    • Hagbard Celine
      These bombs have no military purpose, they are the excuse ("Feigenblatt") for keeping US troops in Germany that nobody wants there. Remember foreign minister Westerwelle tried to get rid of the things and was sidelined by....who else...Merkel.

      Sooo, once Merkel is gone, you will find a number of problems gone as well.
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