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    US Marines from the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, run to a building after detonating explosives to open a gate during a mission in Ramadi in Anbar province, Iraq

    'Sole Superpower' in Decline: US Losing Its Grip on the Middle East

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    Washington has lost its strategic influence in the Middle East, writes F. William Engdahl, adding that the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) has acquired a new meaning in light of the Syrian crisis.

    Twenty five years ago, on September 11, 1990 then US president George H.W. Bush declared the United States the "sole superpower"; however, times have indeed changed for Washington since then, American-German economic researcher and historian F. William Engdahl emphasizes.

    "Today the Sole Superpower, the Unchallengeable Hegemon, is challenged as never before, mired in its worst economic depression since the 1930's. The government has a federal debt more than 103% of GDP. Real unemployment, not the phony Labor Department definition, stands today above 22%. The Federal Reserve is eight years into the worst financial crisis in history, unable to raise interest rates above zero percent," Engdahl pointed out in his article for New Eastern Outlook.

    According to the historian, the most irrefutable evidence of Washington's loss of influence in the Middle East is Barack Obama's reaction to Russia's recent activity in the region aimed at halting the Syrian crisis.

    America's top policy makers have rushed to blame Russia for what they have called exacerbating the situation in the Middle East. But why is Washington sweating bullets over Moscow's involvement in Syria?

    "What has Washington freaked out is not the possibility that Russia will make the situation worse in Syria. After more than one year of destructive bombing by US and NATO planes, creating the present EU Syrian refugee crisis, the situation could hardly get much worse if Russia's actions manage to isolate ISIS [ISIL]. What scares Washington warhawks is the possibility that Russia's strategy could succeed in ending the ISIS [ISIL] reign of terror," the economic researcher stressed.

    To complicate matters further for Washington, Moscow has called for forming an international coalition against the notorious Islamic State and has engaged the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in the process. The CSTO includes Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

    On September 15, 2015 the CSTO members unanimously denounced terrorism in Iraq and Syria and expressed their readiness to team up to fight extremism in the Middle East and Central Asia, particularly the Islamic State, Engdahl underscored.

    If the CSTO deploys their forces in Syria under the UN auspices it would be far more effective than the US-led coalition forces, French intellectual Thierry Meyssan suggests.

    "Unlike the Coalition, the CSTO maintains positive relations with the governments of Iraq and Syria, which enables it to envisage far greater efficiency… Technically speaking, the CSTO has the capacity to deploy up to 50,000 men in less than two weeks," Meyssan noted in his article for Voltairenet.org.

    The Kremlin has repeatedly stressed that it would continue to support the democratically elected government of Syria in its battle against terrorism.

    According to Engdahl, Saudi Arabia and the Arab OPEC members should have realized that the "war strategy of financing any and every anti-Assad Jihadi terrorist" is doomed. On the other hand, there is a possibility that US neo-conservative hawks could target the Saudis and other Gulf monarchs after toppling Bashar al-Assad.

    Furthermore, it seems that Jerusalem, Washington's longstanding ally, has also lent a sympathetic ear to Vladimir Putin's offer to find an ultimate solution to the current Middle Eastern crisis.

    "This is a qualitatively new situation since the war began some four years ago, and an ideal time for the Russian combined increased support for the Syrian National Army and the legitimate government of Assad and to make a major new international diplomatic offensive to end the fighting," the historian suggested, adding that this is exactly what is eating Washington's war planners.

    While Russia is gaining ground in the Middle East due to its diplomatic peace strategy, Washington's "strategy of wars everywhere" is facing a decline.

    "If Russia is able now to forge a genuine, honest coalition of nations to isolate and destroy the Washington-created Frankenstein monster called ISIS [ISIL] or IS, and to allow Syrians to settle their problems with the duly-elected President, Bashar al-Assad in free elections without the US-financed NGOs of George Soros or the National Endowment for Democracy, the world will take a giant step away from war," Engdahl concluded.


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      At the collapse of the Soviet Union USA become overwhelmed and elated with realisation that first time in its history become real superpower. Previous undisputed military superpower was dismantled by the last Soviet leader Gorbachev who was too stupid and too naive to see through American lawmakers who never stopped to fear and hate Russians as they were for many decades their worst nemesis, and the only one who was able to wipe the floor with them.

      That event which they declared as their victory, which was only in their dreams, was too emotionally powerful for USA that lured them into dream that now there is no one in the whole world who can stand before them challenging their supremacy. That was quite true as in Russia psychopath, drunkard and drugs addict Boris Yeltsin, who was American asset the best one they ever had, and who relentlessly continued to demolish and destroy Russia turning once respectful mightiest superpower into worst junk country ever.

      In that for USA glorious times they completely ignored and dismissed a slightest chance that Russia might and will come back to claim throne which belongs to them. USA was too busy destroying innocent and peaceful countries which were unable to defend themselves. In this short period of time they managed to eternally pacify well over 1 million of innocent people. They just love to kill innocent and defenceless, just as Israeli army does, by sniping teenagers or even toddlers, as they are guilty by birth, not by age or deeds.

      Americans were too busy in establishing their empire that they did not realise that Russia is growing stronger and stronger, every year more and more sophisticated, advanced, powerful. Americans were too busy to figure out how to stop and contain EU as it was the only real challenge to their might, taking in account that EU has 550 million inhabitants, that is technologically well ahead, that is economic super powerhouse and that it has no military power what so ever. That is why USA forced EU countries to become members of NATO as NATO stands for North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation led by USA.

      Americans through their staunchest allays such as UK, Poland, Baltic states, Romania and Bulgaria, kept all other in mat position, especially Germany as we are still under the USA occupation. This was the most visible when USA opposed and forced EU to abandon idea of creating own military force. If EU would have its own military force than that would be a great challenge to USA as two member states are nuclear powers and in EU is produced most technologically most advanced western equipment. Therefore EU was the only real concern for USA and it had to deal very carefully with it not to alienate us.

      USA world economic dominance was challenged all the time, first with EURO, but the agreement was reached that we will still keep USD as reserve currency and international payment system. However our German leaders were not happy with that as they had same aspiration within EU and later worldwide. That was subject to permanent tension between US$ and EUR, and it was looking like EUR was winning.

      At mean time Russia and China quietly restored their powers and that become obvious during financial crisis 2008 when China saved USA from their collapsing banking system by lending and investing trillions of dollars into USA. On other side Putin entrenched himself as leader of the century and puled Russia out of junk yard and re-established it as a new, fast growing economy, and above all military powerhouse.

      When USA realised that it was too late and they lost opportunity to solve this problem on their way which is war. Realisation come as hit by super fast train, there was no more chance to recover without being totally destroyed. Russian military advancement was and is so fast that it took whole west by a surprise as they realised that Russian military might is same as Soyuz during take off, extremely powerful and faster and faster by each passing second. Now Russia is too high for anyone to do anything about it. Every attempt to stop and counter Russia would end up as suicide mission. The only question is how soon suicide will be committed as by each passed second Russia is stronger and stronger.

      In such environment it is pretty understandable that new superpowers will want to reshuffle cards and set a new table, regardless west likes it or not. New financial order is entrenching itself and it will overtake very soon. There are too many countries (including EU) who would love to get out of US$ grip and become independent. That process already started and very bleak future is before US, as only by loosing dollar as world payment method and reserve currency will reduce free income of 2 trillions USD annually to just a trickle, and that will mean no more excessive military budget, no more wasting trillions on useless projects such as 5th generation military jets, and so on.

      USA are facing historically worst economic crisis as there will be no more 2 trillion UD$ of free money which was obtained through commission paid for every calculated US$. That also means end of covering their federal debt as well as internal debt which is 10x bigger than federal debt.

      Now someone might jump up from happiness, but that is not the case. Now as always before in past when USD was endangered the WW started. This option is very real as US neocons will not tolerate loss of their profit, they would rather start the war WW3 rather than lose their looting (anyway, never ever any of them was neither exposed to the war, nor died from the war, they will be very safe somewhere ad they will finance all sides just to make sure that they will be always with the winner.

      So it is clear that the end of USA as super power are nigh, but what we do not know is what they are going to do to save their position. Will that be a local conflict or major WW3?
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      teddy jin reply toslimyfox(Show commentHide comment)
      slimyfox, amazing --- ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ESSAY!!!! please write more!!!
    • Great news,great article! No more proxi wars,no more devide and conquer,no more death squads killing everything insight,no more "war on terror",no more beasty Al-CIA-da! Bashar al-Assad MUST STAY!
    • turexD
      Interesting how many powerful nations are already involved in in the this "war" but there is no positive results still.
    • turexD
      Interesting how many powerful nations are already involved in in the this "war" but there is no positive results still.
    • Baybars in reply toslimyfox(Show commentHide comment)
      slimyfox, You give the country called United States of America far too much credit. As a country of people they would rather not send their sons off to war but it is not the people who create the conditions for war, it is the global banking and business cabals which stir up shite.

      I pity this generation of American people because they face the same horrible future as the rest of the world but they are too drugged and hypnotized to realize what is going on and to stop it. It is going to take a major natural disaster or attack on their shores for the people to wake up. Maybe if someone could break the supply chain of drugs and turn off the televisions around the country the people would wake up and take back their continent.
    • What the great satan is really afraid is Russia will wipe out the cannibals and put enough of baghdadis men on trial in Syria to show the world who paid for those sand coloured SUVs from Jordan. Putin has a track record of wiping out 40k even more commited devils in Chechnya, it will be a no contest and over in 6 months.
    • citizen
      Exciting! Power to the People!
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