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    Ukraine Was a Mistake for the US and the West - Israeli Publicist

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    Estelle Winters

    Israeli publicist Avigdor Eskin told Sputnik that Western attempts to bring Ukraine into their sphere of influence 'was a mistake'.

    I’m going to ask about comments by Dr. Ofer Israeli and the Israeli newspaper Maariv. He says that Israel might be interested in a new type of relationship between Russia and the West.

    Avigdor Eskin: Yes, what is actually important is that we are talking about a paper published very close to the establishment circles. The call is for active participation of Russia in any peace process in the Middle East.

    He actually suggested that the West should give up Ukraine, and let Russia manage a peaceful solution there. Then negotiate some mutual strategy in Syria, Iran, Iraq, etc. with Russia.

    Israel today is very concerned that the Assad Administration will be replaced by some guys that are much more dangerous not only for Israel, but for the whole world. Many people in Israel are afraid that some American military steps can make the situation worse.

    Russia can play a very important role of balance between different players like Syria, Turkey and USA with their different interests.

    And Israel is a neighbor of Syria. Israel prefers Assad to stay in power.

    Russia has vast experience of mediation, especially in the Middle East. Russia was behind the removal of nuclear weapons from Syria. Imagine what would happen if nuclear weapons would be acquired by the so-called Islamic State. The fact that it didn’t happen is largely thanks to Russia.

    And we should appreciate it.

    Therefore Israeli experts are willing to talk about Russia’s participation and calling upon the west to bring Russia into the process. Even if the price for the West would be giving up Ukraine. Ukraine is bordering Russia and is traditionally under Russian interest. This call from Israel deserves some attention. There is a lot of sense here.

    Some people are using the word “bored” when it comes to the West and US with their involvement in Ukraine.

    Avigdor Eskin: There is a change of atmosphere, but still even after all these new trends and articles that Ukraine was a mistake for the United States and the West – they keep strengthening sanctions. It looks like the policy is weird.

    US elections are coming and we can see more and more candidates realizing that the next Administration in Washington will have to change the policy.

    Even Donald Trump, who is not arch-hawk, is talking about improving relations with Putin and Russia. This tells a lot about the current Administration of Obama.

    They are just stuck in concepts of blind egotism and it costs them a lot on the international arena and domestic arena, too. They lost everywhere: in Libya, Iraq, Iran, Syria and they lost in Israel. They spoiled relations with Israel as much as they could. So you cannot say there was any success for the US.

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