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    Gulf States Launch Military Operation in Yemen (442)
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    Analysts say that the military campaign against the Houthi rebel group in Yemen by a Saudi-led coalition is not over despite recent declarations of its completion.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The military campaign against the Houthi rebel group in Yemen by a Saudi-led coalition is not over despite recent declarations of its completion, analysts told Sputnik on Wednesday.

    On Tuesday, the international coalition announced that it had completed the Decisive Storm air-to-ground missile attack operation against the Houthi faction in Yemen, adding that it would proceed with what it considers a restorative mission.

    “The military campaign is not over, it just has another name now, and I think fights will keep [occurring] there for a while,” senior researcher at European think tank FRIDE and assistant professor at Saint Louis University of Madrid Barah Mikail said.

    Associate fellow in the Chatham House Middle East North Africa (MENA) program David Butter said that after current reassessment of the situation in Yemen, the conflict may intensify.

    “It does appear that at least for the time being there will be a break, but I don’t know for how long, in the conflict. There will be reassessment by all of the parties. It may result in a political process or in a new phase of the conflict,” Butter stressed.

    Butter highlighted that it is too early to say whether the operation was a success. The analyst added that by conducting the airstrikes Saudi Arabia wanted to show its readiness to act in an aggressive manner when it feels its interests are affected.

    Barah Mikail thought the operation was not entirely successful for Saudi Arabia.

    “So obviously, it is not a full success for Saudis, but they achieved more than what Houthis got,” he claimed, adding that the Houthis have been weakened following the operation.

    Earlier in the week, spokesman for the coalition forces General Ahmed Asiri declared that "Operation Restoring Hope" would be launched in order to restore political and governance control in Yemen. Barah Mikail argued that the first step for Yemen reconciliation must be a ceasefire.

    “Yemen needs indeed a 'restoration of hope.' Focusing on politics and governance are clear priorities for the country, next to economic development. But this needs a ceasefire first, “ he stated, adding that the UN could help in settling the crisis.

    Mikail said that Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the Yemeni conflict is adding more difficulties to the Middle East's poorest country.

    The Houthi militia political faction, the main opposition force in Yemen, is battling government forces, local tribes and al-Qaeda militants. Over the past few months, the Houthis have taken control over large parts of the country and ousted President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi.

    Some 700 people have been killed and 2,700 wounded since the start of the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen, according to the UN.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    Gulf States Launch Military Operation in Yemen (442)


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    Gulf States Launch Military Operation in Yemen
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