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    Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk

    In Search of Lost Western Values

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    In a recent interview with the German ARD channel Arseniy Yatsenyuk, prime minister of post-coup Ukraine, said: "All of us still clearly remember the Soviet invasion of Ukraine and Germany. We need to avoid it."

    WASHINGTON, January 12 (Sputnik), Edward Lozansky — One way to react to this statement is to twist a finger to the temple  but there are good reasons not to take this so easily. 

    First is the fact that it was Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland who during the most famous telephone conversation practically appointed this man as Ukraine’s Prime-Minister. Moreover, contrary to all accepted written and unwritten rules she was not fired for using during the same phone call the most vulgar obscenities against our European allies. 

    Second, for those who have forgotten history, it was the Red Army, in alliance with the armies of the United States, England and France that ‘invaded’ Germany and liberated Europe from the Nazi plague. Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Ukrainians also fought heroically in the same battles but some collaborated with the Nazis and participated in the massive exterminations of the millions of Poles, Jews, Russians, and others whom they called Untermenschen. Other Untermenschen – Ukrainian women in particular – were driven into slavery in the Reich.

    However under the current Ukrainian leadership, the memorials and statues to those who fought the Nazis are being destroyed  while the Nazi collaborators are praised as national heroes  and their portraits are proudly displayed during the marches in many Ukrainian cities, including Kiev – the capital.

    But where is the Western leaders or media reaction?  Is their hatred towards Putin is so strong that they are willing to close their ears and eyes to any outrageous activities or statements as long as they carry an anti-Putin message? What about Merkel, and Germany’s long years of de-Nazification? What about Obama, Cameron and Hollande? So far we have not heard a single word of condemnation from any of them. Isn’t this a betrayal of our own soldiers dying on the beaches of Normandy, in the Ardennes, and all the way to the Elbe river?

    So what happened only six months ago when on June 6, 2014 all Western leaders and Putin descended on France to remember the dead and commemorate 70th anniversary of Allied invasion of Normandy?  Was it for real or just for show to score some political points?

    If it was for real then why do they keep mum now?  There hasn’t been a murmur from any major US or European politician, not even from Frau Merkel, the leader of the country which committed most heinous crimes against humanity. No cry of outrage even from the Jewish community, with its memories of the Holocaust. Did they forget that it was the Red army that liberated many Nazi death camps including the most horrifying Auschwitz (Oswiecim) where millions of Jews have been burned alive?

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