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    Latino Voters Mistrust Democrats, Republicans at US Midterms

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    The Hispanic communities of the US discredit both the Republicans' and the Democrats' policy concerning illegal immigration ahead of the midterm US Congres elections.

    NEW YORK, November 2 (RIA Novosti) — Latino voters mistrust Democrats and are wary of Republicans ahead of the US midterm elections, which may have long term consequences with the growing importance of Latino vote in the country, US political analysts warn.

    Hispanics "feel they are being taken for granted by Democrats" who have not kept their promises to implement an immigration reform, according to Carl Meacham who runs the Americas program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

    At the same time, measures taken by the Republicans have not received widespread approval in the Hispanic communities.

    "Meanwhile, Republicans have focused on border security and rule of law. Both sides have failed to see that if we're going to deal with illegal immigration, we must tackle the root causes. Building border security won't stop people trying to come in if circumstances in their countries are so bad," Meacham told RIA Novosti Sunday.

    Sentiments in this part of the electorate should not be overlooked, as Latino vote is gaining importance in the country, according to Walter Ewing, a researcher with the American Immigration Council.

    "In the longer term, the Latino vote is growing in every region of the country. People who say the Latino vote can be ignored are ignoring a key demographic trend. The number of immigrants and children of immigrants, Latinos and Asians, will grow for quite some time," Walter Ewing told RIA Novosti Sunday.

    Americans will go to the polls on Tuesday to vote for members of Congress, senators and governors across the country in what is called midterm elections as they occur midway between the sitting president's four-year term.

    Latin Americans are a growing part of the electorate. The majority of them cite reforming the US immigration system as a priority. According to the American Immigration Council, the number of voters who were immigrants or the native-born children of immigrants has risen by 10.6 million (143 per cent) since 1996.


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