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#Russiadidit Meme Storm on Twitter Trolls Washington's Russia-Blaming Policy

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New comic memes have taken social media by storm. The memes jokingly blame Russians for literally everything! The authors of these memes publish funny images of cats, messy homes, speed tickets and add the hashtag #RussianHack and #russiadidit.

The reason behind these internet jokes was numerous accusations against Russian hackers who were allegedly involved in influencing the results of the US presidential election.

The memes shift the blame for everyday shortcomings with Vladimir Putin being behind “speed tickets” and “ruined Christmas.”

The memes are mercilessly trolling the CIA who jumps to pointing fingers at Russia without any proof.

“It’s not my fault officer. The Russians hacked my speedometer,” one meme reads, along with an image of a woman being ticketed by a police officer.