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POLITICAL BOMBSHELL: Supreme Court Resignation Has Democrats in Panic

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Garland Nixon, Lee Stranahan

On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss yesterday's ground shaking news of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement. With a massive political battle on the horizon, will President Trump soon be appointing a new Justice to the high court?

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Scheduled Guests:

Dr. Bosworth — Internal Medicine Physician & Author of the Book: 'Anyway You Can' | The Health Benefits of Marriage

John Barbour — Actor & Writer known as 'The Godfather Of Reality TV' | Project Mockingbird and the CIA's History of Media Control

Colin Kalmbacher — Editor at Law & Crime News | Democrats React in Horror to Supreme Court Resignation

Tim Black — Entrepreneur, Author, Activist and Talk Host | Is it Time for Democrats to Walk Away?

Philip Giraldi — Former CIA Case Officer and Army Intelligence Officer | Is Donald Trump's Foreign Policy Made in Israel?

Should you settle down and get married, or just party it up forever living the single life? Fault Lines fan favorite Dr. Bosoworth just celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary and will talk about the positive benefits of marriage on today's program.

Legendary actor, writer, and media personality John Barbour has done extensive research on the CIA and Operation Mockingbird. How deeply had the CIA infiltrated media organizations decades ago, and to what extent do these actions continue to this day?

For the final segment of the show, former CIA Case Officer Philip Giraldi joins Fault Lines as a guest for the first time to discuss the foreign policy of the Trump administration and its ties to the Israel lobby. Who are the main players pulling the strings for Trump's foreign policy decisions and is their allegiance to Israel superseding other political interests?

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