Lay Drops New Song “Jade” Ahead of 4th Album Release, Hits Twitter by Storm

The new track is filled with Chinese vibes mixed with a modern sound.

Zhang Yixing, known professionally as Lay, a Chinese member of popular K-pop boy group EXO, who is now promoting mostly in China, has posted to his social networks a link to a new single called “Jade”, a pre-release of the singer’s 4th album.

​In the unique style of the artist, the track is filled with the sound of Chinese traditional music instruments but remains entwined with modern beat and rhythm. Lay composed, wrote lyrics, and produced the song, as well as played the hulusi (traditional Chinese flute) and also sang the traditional opera part in the song.

​The song Jade was arranged jointly with music producer Murda Beatz who has made arrangements for Nicki Minaj, Drake and Travis Scott, supporting Lay's recognition as one of the leaders of the industry of Chinese music.

The release came with photo teasers, where Lay is dressed in traditional Chinese opera costume, with make up, as well the modern style image, displaying a connection between the past and the present.
Lay’s 4th album will be split into 2 parts, apparently representing a reincarnation, with Volume 1 about his past life (inspired by Chinese music) and Volume 2 about his present life (in the common pop music style)
Fans have welcomed the new release by trending supportive hashtags #Lay520Jade and #Jade_LayZhang on Twitter:

X-backs (the name for Yixing's admirers) went wild once again shocked my their favourite multitalented idol.