Canadian PM Trudeau Mocked for Claiming 'Diversity' Leads to 'Entropy'

The Canadian Prime Minister, who has reiterated on multiple occasions that Canada's “diversity is our strength,” saw his words quickly picked apart by local journalists following a recent and inadvertent gaffe.

Speaking at a forum in Ottawa on Friday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau noted that today’s world is “moving towards more diversity,” which — continued — will lead to “entropy,” apparently momentarily oblivious of the scientific definition for the word: a decline into chaos, according to Miriam Webster.

Trudeau's peculiar choice of words was quickly remarked upon by CTV Ottawa correspondent Glen McGregor, and journalists and columnists naturally weighed in.

CBC opinion page editor Robyn Urback pointed out that Trudeau could have been subconsciously echoing the sentiments of diversity critic Maxime Bernier – a politician who left the conservative camp to form a right-wing political movement in the country:

Meanwhile, National Post columnist Andrew Coyne approached the matter with a bit of sarcasm, opting to quip over Trudeau’s repeated slogan: “diversity if our strength.” “Entropy is our strength,” Coyne slyly remarked.

Other Twitter users noted the premier's use of the word entropy, with some ironically suggesting that he might be right after all: