AI Sex Revolution: Robots Gain Ability to Say 'No' During Intercourse

Sex androids nowadays have apparently become so responsive to outside interaction that they deem too offensive and disrespectful, effectively obtaining the ability to say “no” to unwanted advances.

A sex robot named Samantha demonstrated its ability to say “no” to overly aggressive sexual partners during a presentation held at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle, The Daily Star reports.

According to the newspaper, Samantha’s sensors can detect when “touching becomes too aggressive or disrespectful,” prompting the robot to become unresponsive.

Sergi Santos' sex robots

If treated properly, however, Samantha can respond to affection like a real girl, “purr like a kitten and whisper endearments” to its lover, while the robot’s settings can be switched between “family,” “romantic,” “sex” and “extra naughty.”

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Earlier, Samantha’s creator, Sergi Santos, declared that his robots would possess a moral code and, instead of simply being able to fake orgasms, will respond more enthusiastically to a nicer person.

Sergi Santos' sex robots

His sentiments were echoed by researchers such as Lily Frank and Sven Nyholm from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands who theorized that future sex androids may actually be sophisticated enough to “enjoy a certain degree of consciousness” to consent to sexual intercourse.