Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Suggests Russian-Iranian Media Association Creation

Iran's ambassador to Moscow suggested establishing a Russian-Iranian media association.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Iran's ambassador to Moscow Mehdi Sanaei suggested on Monday establishing an organization, possibly an association, for Russian-Iranian media, which would help solidify existing cooperation.

"I really hope that today’s meeting will help us create a certain plan to create a kind of an organization for cooperation, something like an association of Iranian and Russian media so as to expand collaboration through this organization," Sanaei said at a Moscow meeting dedicated to the cooperation between journalists of Iran and Russia.

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The ambassador said that such an organization would help put the existing cooperation on a more "consistent and solid basis."

Sanaei added that he and his colleagues from the Iranian embassy in Moscow would be supporting the project in any way they could.

The meeting was attended by an adviser on mass media with the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mehran Abbasi Anaraki, owners, editors-in-chief and CEOs of leading Iranian news outlets, including BAMA publishing house, the Arman-e Emrooz daily, the Shahrvand newspaper, the Nasim newspaper and the Rossiya Segodnya russian information agency.