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    A man with a flag of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on Manezhnaya Square in Moscow.

    US Did Poor Job as Global Leader After Dissolution of Soviet Union

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    According to a Sputnik.Polls survey, the majority of people in Germany (69%), France (55%) and Italy (51%) believe that the United States did a poor job as the only superpower and global leader after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. The survey was conducted by Ifop for Sputnik News Agency and Radio.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — When asked if the United States had succeeded as a global leader after the collapse of the Soviet Union, only 24% of Germans, 35% of French people and 42% of Italians gave a positive response. Some 10% of French and 7% of German and 7% of Italian respondents were uncertain about their answer.

    Has the US coped with being a world leader since the collapse of the USSR?
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    Has the US coped with being a world leader since the collapse of the USSR?

    On December 8 1991, the Belavezha Accords on the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the establishment of a Commonwealth of Independent States were signed. On that day in Viskuli, a residence of the Belarusian government in the Bialowieza Forest, leaders of Belarus, the Russian Federation, and Ukraine signed an agreement to create the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

    The survey was conducted by the oldest public polling company in France, Ifop, in July 2016. In all, 3,006 people over 18 from France, Germany and Italy were polled. The data selection represents the population by gender, age and location. The margin of error for the data per country is +/- 3.1% at a confidence level of 95%.

    About the Sputnik.Polls Project

    The international public opinion project was created in January 2015, in partnership with leading research companies such as Populus, IFOP, and forsa. The project organizes regular surveys in the United States and Europe on the most sensitive social and political issues.

    Sputnik is a news agency and radio network with multimedia news hubs in dozens of countries. Sputnik broadcasts through its websites in over 30 languages, as well as on analogue and digital radio, mobile apps, and social media. Sputnik newswires, available by subscription, 24/7 in English, Arabic, Spanish and Chinese.

    Sputnik.Polls (55)


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      Let's underline: west (read US) ultimate goal was ALWAYS not only to disintegrate SSSR but entire Orthodox Russia. I'm afraid no one in the west will live to that day - it will NEVER happened.
      If they had only read the history closely, they would have realized that.
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      Darrell R
      There real value in a multipolar world. It helps keep the world powers somewhat in check. During the Cold War no nuclear weapons were used, and no major world war broke out, but there needs to be mutual respect between these powers, not another arms race or wall of social and economic sanctions like we are returning to now. Will western leaders listen?
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      To raise the level of consciences requires a critical analytical prospective that main stream media avoids at all cost.
      It was amazing the level was as high as it was duly noted.

      There is no doubt the tide is turning very fast and the era of bombarding the populations with insidious pop/sex culture and mass proliferation of general drug abuse has already started to erode starting with Durte the Philippines Presidents decree to stamp out drugs in his country which is just a fund raiser for covert CIA operations.
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