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    More than 80 foreign-based correspondents are on its staff, gathering exclusive news stories, videos and photo materials for Sputnik Mundo, and preparing radio shows. Sputnik Mundo Moscow is available round the clock, with a Montevideo and Buenos Aires offices scheduled to open in 2015.

    MOSCOW, December 11 (Sputnik) — The new Spanish-language multimedia service launched by Sputnik multimedia group will be broadcasting news 24/7 from two regional editorial centers in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, Rossiya Segodnya Deputy Editor-in-Chief Dmitry Gornostaev said Thursday at the presentation of the Servicio Español Sputnik.

    On December 11, Sputnik multimedia group launched Servicio Español Sputnik, a Spanish-language multimedia service combining website Sputnik Mundo (mundo.sputniknews.com), newswire Sputnik Nóvosti and its Spanish-language radio station. More than 80 foreign-based correspondents are on its staff, gathering exclusive news stories, videos and photo materials for Sputnik Mundo, and preparing radio shows. Sputnik Mundo Moscow is available round the clock, with a Montevideo and Buenos Aires offices scheduled to open in 2015.

    Gornostaev noted that the two news broadcasting centers in Moscow and Montevideo would ensure the round the clock news coverage due to a large team of journalists from Latin America and Russia.

    “This is a principle of work that we have adopted from our other newswires – in English, Chinese and Arabic. Our second news editorial office is already working in Washington, another one will be launched in Cairo in the near future. The next step is Montevideo,” Gornostaev said.

    According to the Rossiya Segodnya Deputy Editor-in-Chief, special attention is being paid to the countries of Latin America and Spain because of their great potential for cooperation with Russia.

    “The cooperation between Russia and Spain and the countries of Latin America is now developing rapidly in a number of spheres – in economy, politics, humanitarian spheres. That’s why we understand that there will be plenty of news from these countries and for these countries. That’s why Spanish language is one of our priorities,” Gornostaev added.

    According to Miguel Bas, head of the Spanish multimedia service Servicio Español Sputnik, the new project has a target audience of 500 million people. “I believe that if we set a goal of reaching the audience of 500 [million people] it will be quite an ambitious one, but it will depend on the time we will be given to meet it,” he said.

    “We have a highly professional and experienced team. The speed, the objectivity and the trustworthiness are the core principles and merits of our product,” Bas added.

    Diplomatic representatives of Spanish speaking countries in Russia commended the launch of the new product. According to Ambassador of Mexico to Russia Ruben Beltran Guerrero, it is crucial that the information will be original and that along with news, Servicio Español Sputnik will offer its audience various opinions and different views.

    “I think that the three elements [the speed, the objectivity and the trustworthiness] are important, it is good that you start with this. As we all know, there is freedom of media in Latin America, in my country. It gives me pleasure to acknowledge that the new Servicio Español Sputnik has the same aims. We are ready to work with you, with your partners and companions and to help you in your work, we could be the friends of Sputnik. The embassy of Mexico will cooperate [with Sputnik],” said the Ambassador.

    The Sputnik multimedia group is a new brand of news agency and radio with multimedia hubs in dozens of countries. It delivers information to foreign audiences via its main website sputniknews.com, localized web pages in 30 languages, analog and digital radio services, mobile apps and social networks. Sputnik News Service wire is aimed at professionals, with stories in English, Arabic, Spanish and Chinese available round the clock.


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