07:08 GMT07 March 2021
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    A local medical officer noted that some patients were vomiting blood and suffering from stomach issues and immediately reported that a new epidemic may have emerged. However, she's been suspended for "creating unnecessary panic among residents."

    A mystery disease has killed at least 15 people in Tanzania, the Daily Mail reported on Monday.

    A local medical staffer, Felista Kisandu, who first sounded the alarm about the disease – which has reportedly affected 50 other people – was suspended for 10 days on the grounds that she allegedly stirred up panic among the locals.

    Kisandu, who serves as the chief medical officer for the Chunya district, described the symptoms of the disease, noting that most patients threw up blood and writhed around with stomach pain. 

    Blood samples of the victims were  apparently about to be examined by a top government chemist when the health minister of Tanzania belittled Kisandu's concerns and suspended her.

    Concerns, however, are still mounting, especially in light of the COVID pandemic, as this is not the first time a government has downplayed the seriousness of an illness. 

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