11:10 GMT19 January 2021
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    The "resurrected" man told the Kenyan newspaper The Standard that his return from the beyond had inspired him to dedicate his life to God, as he believes he was given another chance.

    A Kenyan man who was presumed dead for four hours managed to "come back to life" on a slab in the morgue, just as the morticians were about to begin an embalming procedure, Kenyan broadcaster Citizen TV has reported.

    The man, 32-year-old Peter Kigen from Kibwastuiyo village in Bureti Constituency, was taken to hospital in Kericho on Tuesday after fainting at home, according to Kigen's uncle, who said that Peter had been suffering from "a stomach ailment".

    After medical evaluations, Kigen was pronounced dead and was transported to the hospital morgue, where he was to undergo an embalming procedure.

    However, according to the uncle, as soon as the mortician made an incision on his leg to infuse formalin, Kigen came to, wailing in pain, which profoundly shocked the personnel witnessing the "resurrection".

    He was later transferred back to the hospital where he was administered medical aid for the leg wound.

    Both Kigen and the family are accusing the staff of negligence. However, the hospital's medical superintendent, according to Kenyan newspaper The Standard, said that the family had rushed to have him moved to the morgue before waiting for a death certificate.

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