00:49 GMT06 July 2020
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    As Kriel previously told a local media outlet, she believes that the Holocaust was a "set-up" which was perpetrated by "Hitler's men, at the cost of millions of Jewish lives".

    Simone Abigail Kriel, a South African social media personality and former brand ambassador for PSN Lifestyle, has been hit by a criminal charge brought against her by the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) over a an alleged 16 May antisemitic Instagram post, News24 reports.

    In her post, Kriel, whom News24 describes as a "fitness queen", made a number of inflammatory claims, allegedly accusing Jews of manipulating history and committing various atrocities.

    "The f*cking Jews are greedy as f*ck, and they will wage war against countries and races based on lies and deception to get what they want", Kriel wrote as quoted by the South African Jewish Report. "It was the Jews that bombed, raped, sodomised, and burned all people in Germany alive. Hitler is innocent. Our history has been twisted to favour the Jews without question".

    ​According to the media outlet, Kriel's Instagram account "no longer exists" and her page on Fitness magazine's website has also been shut down, while her deal with PSN Lifestyle allegedly came to an end due to "complaints from the public about her antisemitic posts".

    SAJBD national vice-chairperson Karen Milner described Kriel's rhetoric as dangerous, arguing that "it is at such times that conspiracy theories tend to flourish, and all too often Jews end up becoming the scapegoats".

    "The posts in this case portray, inter alia, Jews as being intrinsically evil, morally and spiritually corrupt, and enemies of humanity at large. As such, they constitute classic antisemitism", Milner remarked.

    South African Jewish Report also points out that Kriel told them in May she believes "the Holocaust was a set-up, executed by Hitler’s men, at the cost of millions of Jewish lives".

    "I think most Jews know what happened 90 years ago, and who was actually responsible for World War II and the Holocaust. And I know they don’t want us to talk about it", she reportedly said.
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