13:03 GMT21 June 2021
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    The pastor argued that 5G tech merely helps people "do things at greater speed" and has nothing to do with the coronavirus infection that is ravaging the world today.

    While some outlandish conspiracy theories have linked the ongoing coronavirus pandemic with 5G technology, one pastor in Nigeria stepped forward to address this issue and insist that the tech in question is not related to the disease, local newspaper The Punch reports.

    According to the media outlet, Femi Emmanuel, presiding pastor of Livingspring Chapel International, spoke about the issue during the Fresh 105.9FM COVID-19 Situation Room interview session on Good Friday, insisting that "5G is just a technology".

    "5G is an advancement of technology that would help us to do things at a greater speed than we are doing now. It has nothing to do with COVID-19 at all", the pastor said.

    Femi also broached the subject of people comparing the pandemic to the apocalyptic prophecies mentioned in the Bible, arguing that while "there would be pestilence" at the end of time, "those who are relating 666 to what is happening now have forgotten that the whole concept of 666 and the Anti-Christ would be post-rapture".

    "We should ask them, has rapture taken place? People are destroyed for lack of knowledge", Femi lamented. "I believe this is a dress rehearsal for the coming of Jesus Christ. The scriptures say the trumpet shall sound and Jesus would appear in the sky and they say how can. Now, just one virus has come into the world and there is trepidation in the whole world."

    Finally, the pastor pointed towards the role that technology plays in the resolution of the current crisis, stating that "God gave us the brain so that we can give Him rest".

    "God heals in two ways; supernaturally and through medical assistance, so one of our prayers should include God, help us to discover the vaccine that can cure the virus", Femi suggested.
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