11:29 GMT03 December 2020
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    The incident reportedly took place at the Pyramid of Khafre, the second-largest man-made object at the Giza pyramid complex.

    An Egyptian man has succumbed to his wounds after falling from near the top of the Pyramid of Khafre, with authorities treating the death as a likely suicide, Egyptian media have reported.

    The incident, reported on by Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism, was said to have place on Sunday morning, with a police investigation underway.

    According to the Al-Wafd newspaper, the incident began Saturday night, when a young man was spotted climbing the pyramid. Authorities attempted to talk him into coming down, but he refused. Tourism and Antiquities Police reportedly negotiated with him for about 12 hours. At about 7 am on Sunday morning, he threw himself off, succumbing to his wounds. He is said to have jumped from a height of approximately 100 meters. The man has yet to be identified, and his motives remain unknown.

    Standing at a height of 136.4 meters, the Pyramid of Khafre is the second-tallest and second-largest of the Ancient Pyramids of Giza, and is the tomb of Pharaoh, Khafre, who ruled Ancient Egypt between 2558 and 2532 BC. The pyramid was completed in 2570 BC. The structure is part of the Giza Pyramid complex, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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