20:46 GMT29 October 2020
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    Activists have gone to a famous suburb in Cape Town to protest against racism a week after a security firm ordered a group, largely black, to leave a beach there in the evening. However, the protesters have themselves been slammed for advocating violence against whites over a t-shirt one of them allegedly wore.

    Allegations that one of the anti-racism protesters wore a t-shirt with the hate-inducing slogan, prompted by a photo circulating online, have been cast aside as some claimed it was a misunderstanding. The screen-shot of the broadcast by SABC featuring a participant in the anti-racism rally in Cape Town outraged many as the man seemed to be wearing a t-shirt saying “Kill all white people”.

    South African Activist Wearing Alleged Kill All White People T-Shirt
    © Blogger photo. Beth Summers
    South African Activist Wearing Alleged "Kill All White People" T-Shirt

    The picture posted on Facebook triggered a firestorm online with comments like “Racism is a one-way street” or “And many deny genocide”.
    “Yes please note. The racist wearing the red shirt, advocating to kill another because of their ethnicity, telling us about racism. It’s laughable”, another netizen posted.

    However, one Twitter user posted a photo suggesting that the original picture did not show a full shot of the activist’s clothes. The photo, uploaded online amid the uproar, suggested that the word “people” was struck through while the original message sounded like “Kill all white supremacy”

    ​The demonstrations in Clifton Beach near Cape Town, known as a rich and predominantly white suburban area, followed complaints that a private security company, hired by residents out of safety concerns, told people to leave the beach after sunset and controlled the entrance, according to some reports. Most of those ordered away were black, the local outlet The Citizen reports, so some activists slammed it as racially-motivated.

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    Protesters have rallied against racism for several days already. Demonstrators reportedly wore t-shirts with the logos of several political parties, including the notorious Black First Land First (BLF), whose leader earlier allegedly said to kill white people, their children, and pets.

    Apart from the “Kill White People” uproar, the protesters are reportedly also facing charges of animal sacrifice in public without consent, which is outlawed in South Africa. People complained to the authorities and forwarded them videos of protesters butchering a sheep. One of the protest leaders Chumani Maxwele reportedly cut the poor animal’s throat to “exorcise the demon of racism”.

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