14:55 GMT +319 February 2017
    US MQ-9 Reaper drone in flight

    Ethiopia Kicks Out US Killer Drone Base

    © Photo: US Air Force / Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson
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    At the request of the Ethiopian government, the United States has stopped flying drones from southern Ethiopia in its campaign against militants in Somalia and Yemen, officials said.

    On Tuesday, US officials confirmed that drone activities had ceased at an airfield in the town of Arba Minch, which had been used to launch Reaper drones that can carry Hellfire missiles and satellite-guided bombs.

    "This was done upon request by the Ethiopian government," government spokesman Getachew Reda said, according to Reuters.

    "In the first place, this was a project with a limited timespan and both governments had long prepared themselves for this eventuality," he added without giving further details.

    The closure is likely to mean US drone activity will return to the base in Djibouti. Flights there had been halted due to safety concerns, but the facility has since been upgraded.

    Ethiopia is one of Washington's key allies and is considered a bulwark against militant Islam in the region, Reuters reported. Ethiopian troops have been fighting al Qaeda affiliate al Shabaab militants in Somalia since 2011 as part of an African Union peacekeeping mission.

    "US military personnel are no longer in Arba Minch," said David Kennedy, Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in Addis Ababa.

    "As we work with our African partners, our mutual needs change over time, and a determination was made that our use of the facilities in Arba Minch is no longer necessary," he told Reuters in an email.

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      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply totesseney61(Show commentHide comment)
      tesseney61, Thanks for the clarification. I do have a question for you. If you would be so kind as answer it I would appreciate it. I came across an article some time back, I believe it was on the Fars site, to the effect that Ethiopian mercenaries, who are former members of the Ethiopian military, were being hired by Saudi Arabia to fight in Yemen. I have always wondered what the involvement of the Ethiopian Government is in that situation.
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      tesseney61in reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall Lee Hilburn, The ethiopian government supported ali abdula salih, i believe he is hiding in ethiopia now, but saudi arabia is paying sudan 2 billion for 1000 soldiers, the ethiopians are i believe in yemen secretivly, the ethiopians don't do anything with out the order of usa/isreal. usa gives ethiopia 3 billion dollars every year.
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      i hope that i answered your question.
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      tesseney61in reply totesseney61(Show commentHide comment)
      tesseney61, i hope that answered your question, there never been a time that the ethiopian gov. have never been supported by west/east powers starting from haile sellasie who brought in the british to fight the italians in ww2 , and then mengustu hailemariam who brought in the soviet union at that time. So basically they are flip loppers.
    • Mr. Blair M. Phillips
      Ethiopia...the cradle of civilization. At least they know how to act,"civilized".
    • sophm0e38in reply toZhukov(Show commentHide comment)
      Zhukov, "partners" in American means "servant."
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      michaelin reply tosophm0e38(Show commentHide comment)
      sophm0e38, yes, Orwell's Newspeak.
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      tesseney61in reply toMr. Blair M. Phillips(Show commentHide comment)
      Mr. Blair M. Phillips, what r u implying that black ppl don't know how to act.
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      ethiopian government gets 3 billion dollars each year just like isreal and egypt from the usa state department. the ethiopian gov. would not survive 1 second with out the imperialist usa. the ethiopian government is hated aroud africa for serving usa interests. it can not kick the usa drones out , because if it did it will be finished with in 1day.
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      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply totesseney61(Show commentHide comment)
      tesseney61, It certainly did. I thought it would be strange if the Ethiopian Government wasn't involved somehow. Thanks for the rest of the information you provided as well. Even though I wasn't aware of it I can't say that I'm surprised, the same sort of thing does seem to happen quiet a lot. All of it will help me to better evaluate what little news I am getting from your part of the world. I'm truly grateful. Stay safe.
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      tesseney61in reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall Lee Hilburn, Any time , i just wanted to clear the air of who and what is the ethiopian government is doing to it's ppl and the african ppl in general, these ppl have no shame they will kill you if you protest peacefully, and they will do anything to continue their power, they kill , lie , imprision etc. and i know they are lying about the usa drones. Because if it was real then the USA will get rid of them in 30 minutes remember the USA base is right there in Djibouti.
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      Interesting to see how such a tiny action, tiniest probably given the world we live in, get such a turmoil response. Interesting, to say the least.
    • Mr. Blair M. Phillipsin reply toMr. Blair M. Phillips(Show commentHide comment)
      Mr. Blair M. Phillips, - How has the United States of Capitalism been acting towards other countries(my included) the last 400 years? They've attacked Canada three times and murdered and raped. Since WW2 they have invaded or intervened in over 60 countries. Read William Blums 2007 book,"Killing Hope - U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since WW2". There's 60 pages of references and Mr. Blum encourages every reader to,"verify the references). Ethiopia finally saw what many countries are are starting to see...that American Capitalism and wealth have no ethics and morals and must be stopped even if Russia has to use it's SS-18 to do it.
    • Mother Gorilla
      Supposedly weak Ethopia managed something powerful Germany and France are not able to do, starting to get rid of the US military yoke! And let us not even begin talking about the economic one!
    • rzuber78
      USA is a JOKE and a bunch of criminals...
    • Igor R
      Now the rest of the world should follow and kick out US bases from their territory.
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      tesseney61in reply toMr. Blair M. Phillips(Show commentHide comment)
      Mr. Blair M. Phillips, hey since you think u r so smart tell me what is the difference between , capitalism +fashism+Communism+Terrorism =Zionism, explain that to me mr. genous.
    • Воин Света
      Well done Ethiopia. It would be nice to see some more US bases disappearing around the world.
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      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply toMr. Blair M. Phillips(Show commentHide comment)
      Mr. Blair M. Phillips, I am aware of the American invasions and what they were like during the American Revolution and what is called down here the War Of 1812. You are not exaggerating I know. But I'm not sure about the third one you mentioned, unless you are referring to the American participation in the British invasion during what is called down here the
      French And Indian War. I know that the US has had, and still has, designs on Canada from the very beginning and that at least much of the time American Capitalism was/is the driving force behind it.

      Were you aware that the impetus for this came from, besides Washington, almost exclusively the Northern States closest to Canada and that the Southern States had virtually nothing to do with it? Either in regards to causing or participating in it. Was that the reason why so many Canadians, numbering no doubt in the thousands, came south to volunteer to fight in the Confederate Army against the Government in Washington and the Northern States during the American War Between The States? I have always wondered if they felt that in so doing they were in some way defending Canada. I became aware of the Canadian presence threw studying the rosters of Confederate regiments, many of which were raised even in the so-called Deep South.
    • qvasko 15
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