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Political Misfits bring you news, politics and culture from the belly of Washington DC without the red and blue treatment. Informed by progressive politics, class analysis and anti-war activism, we break down the day's pressing economic, social and political stories from perspectives often ignored.

Scholz in DC, Brazilian Foreign Policy, Mississippi Legal Apartheid

Scholz in DC, Brazilian Foreign Policy, Mississippi Legal Apartheid
BetterHelp gets fined for selling patient data and Union Pacific gets caught cutting corners on safety.
Veteran war journalist Elijah Magnier joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss escalating violence in Palestine and Israel, protests inside Israel against the new right-wing government, what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s next steps may be, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s quiet meeting with US President Joe Biden in Washington, and the IAEA chief’s meeting with the head of the Iranian nuclear program.
Editor of Kawsachun News and PressTV Latin America correspondent Camila Escalante discusses the geopolitical role President Lula is shaping for Brazil and how BRICS nations are working together towards a peaceful settlement in Ukraine, offers a reality check on the media coverage of Nicaragua's treatment of government dissidents, and provides an update on Peru’s political crisis.
Journalist and author Daniel Lazare discusses technical wrinkles arising in the Moore v. Harper Supreme Court case, the once-fringe Independent State Legislature Theory, the exposure of more government efforts to smear political dissidents as foreign stooges or agents, why Democrats are so critical of Matt Taibbi's reporting on the Twitter Files, the usurpation of authority from majority-black Jackson, Mississippi, by white Republican state legislators, why rising interest rates aren’t taming inflation. He also takes a look at primary polling.
Editor of Pan-African Newswire Abayomi Azikiwe discusses election controversy in Nigeria, violence in Somaliland, French President Emmanuel Macron’s latest tour of African nations and new reports of atrocities in Ethiopia.
The Misfits also discuss Australian greetings, Walgreens’ cowardice, as well as this week’s News of the Weird, including a pilot's death mid-flight, an Austin resident fined for allowing a car to crash into his home, Florida cracking down on dog passengers, and a mummy girlfriend.
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