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West Pushing Kiev to Negotiate, Israeli Settler Rampage, CO River

West Pushing Kiev to Negotiate, Israeli Settler Rampage, CO River
NATO might be offering security promises to push Kiev to talk with Moscow, and another US department supports the Chinese lab leak theory.
Political cartoonist, columnist, and author Ted Rall joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss the travails of Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams and how Elon Musk is trying to insert himself into the controversy, Russian-language broadcasters at VOA being sacked, Gisele Fetterman’s flight to Canada, a federal judge's decision to deny the attempt to seize Afghan funds to pay 9/11 families, the Department of Energy’s COVID report, Treasury Secretary Jane Yellen in Ukraine, and the slow recovery in East Palestine, Ohio.
Author and West Coast coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition Richard Becker discusses NATO powers dangling security assurances to Ukraine as Western European leaders push Kiev to negotiate with Moscow, how Europeans have been mobilizing against NATO and calling for peace, US reports that China is considering supplying Russia with military aid, the escalation of violence by Israeli officials, Palestinian distrust of the Palestinian Authority government, and the questions around Washington’s support for Israel with its new government.
Social justice and environmental organizer and author Tina Landis discusses the Arizona government’s new efforts to solve the Colorado River water supply crisis, Wall Street firms buying up water rights in Western states, Chevron’s development of a carcinogenic biofuel deemed “climate friendly”, and skepticism of "green" alternatives under capitalism.
The Misfits also discuss the announcement of a new framework for trade between Ireland and the EU, the transfer of supposed gang members to a mega-prison by El Salvador, and the death in police custody of an American woman seeking treatment at a hospital.
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